Summers Search

Summers Search

A Poem by Mark Witterick

That's all the sun is to me.
An oppressor meant to break my spirit
But I shall not falter.
My path is clear,
My purpose pure.

I see another wandering,
Scantily clad, to draw men in.
All I see is her skin and
I glare with disdain.
She is not worthy of my time.
I turn away. 

I continue onwards,
Sustenance shall be mine.

The beach echoes 
Noise I dislike.
Crowds are of little interest,
For me at least.
I need someone alone.

I turn a corner and
There she stands.
I move in closer.
She knows me,

Or so she thinks.
I bring her in
Soft flesh bends beneath me;
At last: food.

The rising sun begins to burn
I make my way home.
Tomorrow will be the same,
Another season of agony.

That night 3 years ago
It sealed my fate.
I should have known but
Her allure was irresistible.
Now I am doomed to wander
Hiding in the shadows.
All because of one night

That beautiful summer.

© 2016 Mark Witterick

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I thought this piece had a very utilitarian feel as though the speaker's feeling had been numbed as they move through life attempting to protect themselves from pain. While this piece hints at hidden feelings, it is very emotionally dry and it seems intentionally so. I think the effect of this is that you capture the importance of the speaker's hidden feelings. An interesting read, definitely a good one:)

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Mark Witterick

2 Years Ago

Thank you very much.
needs more globes and sustenance

Posted 2 Years Ago

Mark Witterick

2 Years Ago

Ok that makes more sense. Why not simply say so to start with?

2 Years Ago

thought it spoke for itself
Mark Witterick

2 Years Ago

Apparently not........... :/

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2 Reviews
Added on June 2, 2016
Last Updated on June 2, 2016


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Mark Witterick

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