Amaya's Choice: A Cultan Poem

Amaya's Choice: A Cultan Poem

A Poem by Celeste Lucy Zaveri

A poem for the Cultan religion, Amaya learns about choosing her family from her Grandmother.


One day Amaya stomped home from school, crying,
“It’s not fair, what they said wasn’t cool!”

Her grandmother asked,
“Amaya, what is wrong?
How can I help you,
with your classmates get along?”

Amaya replied, angry and sad,
“They called me Matt’s Sister,
and they all had a big laugh.”

Grandmother said,
“Oh, Amaya, it’s okay,
didn’t you know?
You can choose your family!”

Amaya asked,
“Now how can you do that?
Aren’t your parents’ children your siblings?
Aren’t I supposed to be the sister of Matt?”

Amaya liked Matt as a playmate, a friend
but not as a brother, it wasn’t a favor she’d lend.

Grandmother replied, “It’s what we should do.
Wouldn’t you want to choose your family,
it’ll help you see things through.”

Amaya replied,
“But the schoolchildren said
something so rude,
I’ll forevermore regret.”

Grandmother said,
“Next time, dear,
why don’t you tell them?
‘I’ll choose my family,
for me to say otherwise is seldom.’”

Amaya replied,
“OK, I’ll say that.
It’ll feel like magic,
and I’m not afraid of that.

Thank you, Grandmother,
for helping me see,
that I can choose my siblings,
and who I want to be!”

Grandmother smiled,
“That’s the spirit,
oh my,
what a merit!”

Amaya giggled,
“Thanks a lot!
You saved the day,
I felt boiled as a pot.”

© 2016 Celeste Lucy Zaveri

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Added on September 4, 2016
Last Updated on September 4, 2016
Tags: children, poem, Cultan, religious, spiritual, family, advice


Celeste Lucy Zaveri
Celeste Lucy Zaveri

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