Chat with member about paganism

Chat with member about paganism

A Story by Celeste Lucy Zaveri

A chat with a 7 Cups of Tea member about Paganism.


tell me about paganism if you want and thanks for the 7 Cups of Tea listening btw. You Pagan Witches pray?

Voice magick (chanting) is kind of like praying, but except it's casting a magickal spell with your voice. (Nothing supernatural/paranormal happens, by the way.)

chanting means that you sing?

Sometimes you sing when you chant, but I usually use whispering. Many use talking out loud. We do voice magick, which is like praying, it's just casting a magickal spell instead. But we do praying (asking the gods and goddesses for help) as well.

you do offer sacrifices too? e.g. walk on your knees, walk barefoot, pray with hands up etc?

Voice magick can be singing, whispering, talking, or any other form of using your vocal chords. And although praying isn’t magick, it’s still a strong part of Paganism. We pray for help, guidance, to thank the deities, to bless our food, to thank the souls of the animals sacrificed in the food’s making, etc. We don’t worship Satan, we don’t do voodoo, we aren’t demonic.  Some Witches use black magick, but most have a Threefold Rule meaning, “Don’t do black magick, and don’t harm anybody.” We don’t offer sacrifices because we don’t think the deities would feel honored if we killed one of their other Creations, our Spiritual “Siblings.” It’s like, evil murder in our opinion if we sacrifice an animal in ‘deity’s name.’

i don't mean killing each other i meant like e.g. walk on your knees

We sometimes walk barefoot or on are knees, we sometimes pray with hands up, we pray in a group, we pray alone, we simply pray by whispering while doing a mundane task, etc. We don’t have rules. And we don’t sacrifice each other or animals. We try not to squash insects, even, because they, believe it or not, have a life of their own too. You see, we aren’t very demonic. If you’d like, you could even join a coven (group of usually 13 Witches). Witches can be male or female, and Witchcraft is matriarchal but still equality-based and respects men as the consorts, protectors, and equal friends of women. We don’t call female “children” kids, we call them maidens. Male “children” are learners/apprentices/sons. “Adults” are women/mothers or men/fathers. “Elderly” are crones or sages.

i love animals a lot

There’s a lot out there about Paganism, and I’m just talking in my point-of-view, not in everybody’s. I’m speaking my personal path, and some Witches could disagree with me - the way I sometimes use black magick and most Witches don’t. I’m speaking my personal path, and no two Witches have the same spirituality (even the strict initiated Wiccans disagree sometimes).

you walk barefoot inside to pray or outside to offer as sacrifice?

Witches love animals. If you want, you could become a Witch. Some are Witches by blood, some aren’t Witches by blood. My mother’s a Witch and I’m actually a mortal goddess in a way. Because my mother asked the Goddess to make me born and she did ritual magick for my birth to come. We do no sacrifices, and I see that’s where we aren’t clear. NO Witch does sacrifices, except for the vicious Voodoo Witches, which I wouldn’t consider to be “Witches.” They don’t follow Witchcraft’s kindness!  We sometimes do it outside, sometimes inside…it depends on the Witch and the situation he or she is facing, you know? We’re still humans and not all Witches are the same. You wouldn’t know if somebody’s a Witch or a cowan (non-Witch). That’s why most people think my family’s Christian when really we’re Pagan! You here?

yeah, I am, it’s just interesting and I’m trying to understand, and you’re, wait, IMMORTAL?

A lot to take in, I know. Especially with me, the nerdiest and wisest and the most obsessed with Paganism of all my family. I fill you up... I'm not immortal - I'm a mortal

You pray everyday?

Not every day, me personally, but some Witches do every day. I so disagree with that

and you walk barefoot outside to offer it for the Gods?

Sometimes but not always.

Many same traditions!

For example, Christianity’s Christmas comes from Yule, which is the Pagan holiday when the sun god is reborn. The Yule Tree/Log is where the Christmas tree comes from. Halloween’s pumpkin and dressing up traditions are courtesy of the pagan Samhain’s.

being barefoot especially outside is a penance i like to offer. feeling the ground, suffer that little every step and humble myself

How’d you know I was a Pagan anyway?

From your profile status

Would you like to try out paganism? It’s awfully…your style.

in sicily we do a lot of that..what’s your name btw?

Celeste. (thinking, take it or leave it without saying so)

I’m 17 do offer a penance for my mum please


once if you want we will kneel down while here

Just say, “Nyx, evlogeí ti mitéra mou!

to feel uncomfortable

ok  you’re madly concerned about paganism, it’s clear

but if you want we will offer it for mum



and so many people suffering




which mum? Goddess or mortal mom?


my mortal mum

 k :)

shall we kneel now?


yeah i asked myc rystal ball bout your ma it said  ‘Maybe, but you'll have to do something about it. Make a plan to get what you want, and keep at it until you've accomplished your goals. You can do it!’

thank you

thank the ball not me

we do kneel down?

Yeah if ya want.  Im on my kness thanks sis

I’m not your sister. I don’t do IT (identity theft) anyways, sorry but I’ve got to go do prayer. Google “celeste lucy zaveri” whenever you wish.

© 2016 Celeste Lucy Zaveri

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