A Poem by Carl

I really wanted to write a "Childrens Poem" So this is a story about the best Detective in the Animal Kingdom. The title comes from the best Detective of them all.


The smoke was thick in his office

The most wanted man in town

The criminals they hated him

As he took thier details down

The women they all loved him

But he kept them all at bay

Simon Squirrel -Private Eye

Or "Sherlock" some might say


Now one day Sherlock was deep in thought

Over some cold hard facts

Some mean dogs had been causing grief

And scaring all the cats

Sherlock thought for a moment

Before writing a name down

Scaring cats and causing grief

Buster was back in town


Now Buster was a no good dog

Who had ruled the town by fear

Sherlock had sent him off to "The Pen"

Saying "He's not welcome here"

So Buster and his Blood Hounds

Felt they still had work to do

Sherlock felt their paths would cross

Before this night was through


Now Sherlock had a contact

Who worked in the local bar

Ginger and Sherlock went way back

The bright young cop and the caberet star

She had tipped off Sherlock

That something was going down

In a disused car park

On the outskirts of the town


Now Sherlock would have to set a trap

That would result in Busters defeat

He rememberd that Buster liked nothing more

Than the smell of fresh cooked meat

Sherlock drove to the car park

In the middle of the night

And as the smell of steak filled the air

Sherlock waited out of sight


He didn't have to wait too long

As the dogs picked up the scent

Some Blood Hounds sniffed and checked it out

Then away they went

Sherlock sat in the car

Going over what to do

Then Buster approached the piece of steak

"Bingo right- on - cue"


"I wouldn't touch that if I were you 

There's a gun pointing at your head 

Buster where are your cohorts

They all appear to have fled "


"Sherlock Squirrel you've won this time

But our paths will cross again"


"Buster you best start walking

All the way to the "Dog Pen"


Sherlock sat in his office

A smile on his face

With Buster in "The Pen" he thought

This town's a safer place

And remember if you have trouble

And you have the money to pay

Simon "Sherlock" Squirrel-Private Eye

Is your man come what may   

© 2012 Carl

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That is cute. Having taught elementary school before, I could see all the kids gathering around me as I read this book. And chiming for more. Love how all your poems flow so well. could see illustrations to this story as well.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Just read this to my children , and they loved it ! Can't wait for more adventures of "Sherlock " .

Posted 6 Years Ago

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