A Poem by Carl

She'll tell you her story
If you buy her a drink
Her eyes have the look of far away
As she pauses to think

"Now where would I begin"she says
"And let me tell you of the cost
Let me tell you the story of my life
How loves been won and how loves been lost

"Now my story's not too dissimilar
Too the ones you've heard before
About pirates and poets and plunders
Upon a foreign shore

A bar room brawl over nothing at all
As I continue to set the scene
And a handsome young guy with a glint in his eye

If you know what I mean" 

A young tavern girl will cast a spell
Where triumph and tragedy join
A deal in the dark, gun powder, a spark
On the toss of an old silver coin

A ship in the bay to sail the next day
In search of silver and gold
And a young girl who believes in a life on the seas
And X marks the spot so we're told

"So we set sail the next morning
The weather fine and fair
The Captain and crew sang a shanty or two
As the scent of rum filled the air

We sailed for what seemed like forever
Through tempest and millpond and squall
Now you must understand that we never saw land
Until we hard the Crows Nest's call "

So we dropped anchor at midnight

Preserved on the sea by Gods grace

And there in the dark as the ship disembarked

I crept out of my small hiding place

"There's so much more I could tell you
About plundering wrecks and of caves  
And how riches adorn in the cool light of morn
And how a young Captain behaves

Alas I've no time to tell you
Of mutiny, shipwrecks and an enclave
For in fathoms or in feet this stowaway's story's complete
And the ending I'll take to my grave 

© 2017 Carl

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Added on April 27, 2017
Last Updated on April 29, 2017



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