Tear Memories

Tear Memories

A Poem by Al R. Arce

Just a scribble

Silently you stare at the emptiness
anesthetized, your mind is numb
Saturated with lidocaine so you don't feel
But your eyes do...
They burn from your blank stare
You refuse to blink...
You sense as they become watery
Your brain expelling the excess drug
Because is not natural not to be in pain
Then it begins to trickle down
One single tear, carving your cheek
You remain still, you don't sob
You don't wipe it, you just let it run
You let it dry, or so you think
Because you still feel it's trek
Every inch of it, as if it were still sliding
Reminding you of a forgotten reason
For being in such a state
Then you get up and go to a mirror
Though the tear is long gone
You still feel it on you
Then you realize that tears
Leave memories behind

© 2015 Al R. Arce

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"Though the tear is long gone
You still feel it on you," this was killer and tugged on my heart strings..

Posted 2 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on November 8, 2015
Last Updated on November 8, 2015
Tags: Sadbess


Al R. Arce
Al R. Arce

St. Louis, MO

I'm in my 50's. My family is my life. Writing is my hobby. I hope you find here something that you enjoy. Constructive comments are welcomed. If you ask me to read something I will. Thank you for.. more..

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