The Fall

The Fall

A Story by Crozby

Written in 7th grade, decided to throw it on here.


Shouting and explosions shook Vol from his day-dreaming. He looked over at Kalia, his best friend. They had known each other for years, since they were only four. Despite those days being nearly ten years ago, he remembered them clearly. In fact, he longed for them, when everything was so simple.  He was jolted from the happy memory, however, as Kalia shook his arm.

“What was that?” She asked, and from her tone he could tell she had asked the question several times before he acknowledged her.

“I’m not sure... ” He replied, suddenly remembering the rising tumult in the city around them. They rose and opened the door to the outside world.

The small village was in chaos, people running every which way. There were several buildings on fire, and the couple could hear more than a few screams of agony. Just as Vol opened his mouth to ask what was happening, a guard answered the unspoken question.

“Dragon!” He yelled, “A dragon is attacking the tow-“ but his warning was cut off by a roar, a primal one whose sheer power shook the stone beneath their feet. “All who are able to fight are to report to the east gate!” He finished before running off towards that very gate.

“Stay here, I’ll go fight the dragon.” Vol said as he started away, but the predictable protests stopped him.

“No,” came the simple answer. “This is my town just as much as it yours. I have every right to fight for it that you do.”

“It’s not safe.” He started to argue, but as he looked at her expression he knew he wouldn’t sway her in the least. Her jaw set firm, fists clenched tightly at her sides. Her eyes were so full of determination and confidence; he feared he would never see those beautiful orbs again. “Fine,” he said at last, shaking the dark thought from his mind. “But let’s post haste, for every moment we tarry is another that this beast can wreak havoc on this once peaceful land.”

They did just that and were at the gate within just a few minutes, fully equipped in their fighting gear. The scene that revealed itself before them, however, had them struggling to find the strength to breath. Before them lay what was known as Fazol Field. Aptly named, it was a large field surrounded on all sides by towering mountains. There were near 700 bodies filling the large pasture, half the population of the village, though almost a third of that number lay dead or dying. Wizards and archers were putting their weapons to devastating work, or what would have been devastating against any other foe. The dragon easily withstood the barrage, and seemed more annoyed than hurt. As for the beast itself, it was another story. At first glance Vol could tell that it was magical in nature, a construct conjured by a sorcerer, and a very powerful one. Such constructs didn’t have brains as did natural beings, but instead they had magical crystals in their place. These crystals were their source of power, and to destroy it would destroy the binding magic holding it together, causing the construct would simply fall apart. Kalia drew out a slim wand, gave a quick nod to her friend, and moved to join her fellow sorceresses.

Vol scanned the battlefield, looking for some way he could be useful. He recalled his knowledge of such creatures, of their fatal flaw. He needed to find a way to reach its head, and after another quick scan of the large clearing, he found his answer. There was a small plateau only twenty feet from the construct, and it would be a near 100 foot climb to the top of the plateau, but if he made it to the top, he could jump onto the creature’s head, and possibly crack the crystal with his sword. He had to try. He started running towards the cliffside. He quickly arrived at the place and looked up at seemingly impossible climb, doubting his course of action for a quick second. But only a second, for he remembered what he was fighting for. This wasn’t only about him; it was about saving the whole village, about saving everything he had ever known. He could not fail. He began the intense climb, expertly finding handholds and swiftly propelling himself up the cliff. There were more than a few close calls, but he managed to not fall and he made his way to the top in good time. He stood at the top, wind whipping strongly. He looked over at the beast, only twenty feet away. It was an impossible jump, there was no way he would make it. But again he remembered what he was fighting for. He had to try.

Vol drew his sword, stepped back, and ran full speed to the sheer drop. Then he jumped. He was in the air for what seemed like hours to the young boy; he wasn’t sure if he would make it. Then it was over, his flight ended. His sword plunged deep into the side of the beasts head. He looked down, and the ground was near to 90 feet down. Using his sword as a handhold he clambered up to the top of the dragon’s head. Vol turned and pulled free his impaled sword. He walked to the center of the dragon’s forehead, where its natural armor would be weakest. He struggled to keep his balance on the creature; it was always moving and swaying. He managed, though, and quickly arrived at his destination. He dropped down to his knees and grasped his sword in both hands. He plunged it deep into the dragon’s head, its blade reaching deep into the constructs skull, deep enough to reach the magical crystal keeping it alive. He retracted his blade and stabbed again, and again. The creature roared and began to thrash, swinging his head violently. Vol clutched tightly to his sword’s handle, which was deeply imbedded into the dragon’s head. He managed to pull his dagger from his belt, and continued his methodical work. The dragon was infuriated now; it shook its head to and fro with seeming abandon. Vol nearly flew off the head of the beast, just barely managing to hang on. In the ordeal, however, he let go of his dagger.  With a determined growl he pulled free his sword and began again plunging it into the beast’s skull. Somehow, miraculously, he managed to keep his balance. He could not, would not, fail. The whole creature was trembling now, and it was no longer shaking its head, because it could not control its movements. It only let out a continual roar, a roar of rage. A mere mortal, and a puny human, no less, had defeated it. A bright white light was flowing through the cracks in the crystal, the core, its source of power. Then everything started to fall apart, literally. The construct, its binding magic destroyed, started to collapse and giant pieces of the dragon began falling to collide with the earth. Except that they weren’t flesh like one might expect, nay, they were like giant stones made of something like hardened clay.

Vol hardly noticed he was falling, hardly noticed when he hit the earth. He was happy, because he succeeded, he did not fail. He won; he triumphed over the mighty construct. His people were safe, and that was all that mattered.

Kalia watched Vol fall, watched him hit the ground with a sickening thud. She yelled a scream of defiance and ran over to his side. “Vol,” she said, her voice hardly a whisper. “You can’t leave me, not now. Please, stay with me. Please... ” Her voice was trailing off as she started to cry.

“Kalia,” Vol said, and his voice was calm and serene, like he was at peace.  “Do not cry over me, I am happy. I won, I vanquished the evil beast. The town is safe, you are safe. So, I beg, do not cry.”

“I love you. I always loved you, I always will..” She replied. Her head hanging low, her shoulders bobbing with sobs. He didn’t reply other than to give her a smile and a nod. Then his eyes drooped closed.

They would never open again.

© 2017 Crozby

Author's Note

Written in 7th grade, so I know its far from perfect.

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It is a beautiful story. Vol's devotion to his people is respectable. I had kind of expected Kalia's feelings towards him, but that just made the story more heartbreaking. It's a beautiful story.


Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you! It was an enjoyable one to write, though it was four years ago now.
"He was happy, because he succeeded, he did not fail. He won; he triumphed over the mighty construct. His people were safe, and that was all that mattered." I like this part. I don't usually read this sort of thing, but it was good. It seems like something that could be made into a longer book.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you, I also had that thought, but I decided to let it be. Maybe I'll take another look at it.

1 Year Ago

You should think about it. Of course, it's your story, you should do what you think is best.

1 Year Ago

I think I will, thanks for the advice.

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