A Story by Darkgirl

"Kneel" the robed man bellowed. Not wanting to disgrace to his Prince, shirtless he knelt at the foot of the red priest. The man walked around him chanting something that sounded a lot like the ravings of a madman, he felt an unease wrap around him and began to glance up when his head was abruptly pushed down and a searing hot pain went through him. 
They branded me!
He thought to himself 
I never agreed to this! I was only here to escort my Prince, what kind of dark magic is this
The pain went on and on till there was nothing but darkness.

When he awoke nothing had changed, same putrid odor only the chanting had stopped. He jumped to his feet headless of the pain of his back where they had laid a brand upon his skin. Looking around at his men, his trusted 4 soldiers and his Prince still laying on the ground all with a dragon branded into their lower neck. 
"What magic is this? What have you all done?" 
He shouted. 
"I think I will take this one, His is a will of iron, strong and uneasily bent. I shall have fun with him."
A raspy voice said from the behind him. With the skills of battle, honed and long practiced, he swiftly turned. A shadow leap from the wall and rushed him, The pain hit him with the force of ten thousand horses. It came from nowhere but was everywhere. A searing, melting, bone dissolving pain. He could see nothing for there was only a vast unending darkness. He could hear nothing for the screams of a thousand tortured souls, He could not breathe for there was only fire in his lungs. The more he struggled the worse it became, he could not stop himself. He did not understand what had happened and could not think for the screaming, the endless screams of hell. Suddenly there was a voice over the screams, a dark malevolent voice that echoed into his soul, a voice he knew only he could hear, said very deliberately 
"you are mine little human and there is nothing you can do."

© 2014 Darkgirl

Author's Note

This is what I'm currently working on, its a little tidbit. Its not the final version as I may add to it in the future. But tell me what you think :)

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We all tend to have some flaws... good ending.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Interesting. I'd like to know more. :)

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

It will be more, just an exert when more is suitble for others to read I'll post it. Thank you

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Las Vegas, NV

Hello, people of the page. My name is Melanie, my poems are dark and moody and any stories I write are dark and scary (at least i try for them to be). I have been writing this way for so long it just .. more..

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