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Its wisdom in the English language. Does wisdom exist independently in the human condition? Certainly western sources have played down … the part wisdom plays … and have since emphasized inquiry as the key to knowledge. But elsewhere … especially on the Indic sub-continent … wisdom or nyanam … is treated differently in their cultural context. It forms a significant aspect in their life activities … and is referred to as a … blessing from the Gods.

A person in a nyanam state … speaks with a curious guttural voice … that appears to have come from nowhere … but creates a big impact on the listener. The movie stars … Tommy Lee Jones and Morgan Freeman … bring a sample of that to our attention … and we are certainly aware of its effect. There's a curious sense of relation … in the use of the voice … with regards to what is right … and that concerns us here … in our review of the experience.

We are aware of the unique personality trait … that the voice creates … on the individual exercising it. It refers to a special quality … of birth … heritage … culture … and a hint of intelligence … undertaken as intimations … in the passions of the man. Its a truth … experienced by the man … drawn from the impact … the voice creates in speech. It brings a powerful assurance to his instruments … associated with mind. And generally … the man organizes a personality to go with it.

Such a man … may have played a key role in society in the past … with regards to faith institutions … and political administration. It raised the prospect of wisdom … existing naturally in people … but the origin of it remained a mystery. Modern science … in studying the workings of the mind … makes the suggestion … that the mind involves itself in … the needs of life … and works for its optimization … and sometimes … by the nyana voice … brings it to the experience and understanding of the individual. Its working resembles … the auto-immunization aspects of the individual.

One feature of wisdom … that we come to understand … is the way it brings a sympathy to the life of man … despite the chaotic nature of our beginnings. It views man's condition as dealing … with an impossible situation … where he is attempting to make things certain … in a constantly changing environment. In another way … we express our experiences … with a certain overall sense of our circumstances and responses. It refers to the way we avoid … mishaps … and redirect our energies to seeing the positive sense of achievement in issues.

Hence wisdom is not an attempt to stay in one place … and look good. On the contrary … it seeks alternatives in every situation … and defines each experience in the … holistic nature of its responses and achievements. Mind and reason … is therefore not static … in the way it applies itself to a living condition on a daily basis. Its unlike …. the way we practice a certain rigor … in the exercise of the intellect … as if to say … things we encounter … should respond a certain way.

The adaptability of the human specie … takes to a greater flexibility in its nature … in a life long leaning approach.  Past approaches relied on the mind of the anima … that hoped for a certain peak in its achievement .. and hold itself there. The human specie … enjoys a quality of life that has a vast scope … far greater than the anima … and they address themselves to issues of their place in the world and universe. They identify with creation … and share in its clandestine thoughts … of its advancement in its life experience.

The Indic experience with Nyanam … is ultimately viewed in the context of the anima … in its authoritative approach to issues … as if it has all the answers. To adapt to the human specie experience … we are obliged to dismiss … a static sense of wisdom … and bring to its place … an awareness of the way … our minds respond to our bodies. It also affirms the individual condition … and brings that into relations in a social circle. It affirms its responses to its physical environment … in an understanding of its evolutionary plan.

The knowledge that takes over from the nyanam … brings a perspective to the experience of nyanam … that isolates the passionate appeal of the voice … and its impact. Knowledge … leaves the content of issues spoken … to the listener … to decide for himself on its accuracy. Nyanam … throws a blanket around the listener … and pulls him into the circle of belief … that he is promoting. There are issues here … from an ethical perspective … that would have to be clarified later.

The reliance of nyanam in society … produces a popular appeal … of ' knowing ' and assurance of its elders … that is not founded on knowledge … but in a interpersonal appeal. It produces a mass behavior … that tends to resemble a mob appeal … and does not encourage individual views. It emphasizes group cohesiveness … and discourages individual initiative. It certainly makes no great promotion of knowledge in the life of the individual. It reduces individual courage … and draws to popular appeal … as a sign of success.

Science and the hitech appeal … diminishes the impact of nyanam in society. The individual is left in a garrulous ditch … of distraction. He knows he is missing something … but can't quite put his finger to it. But it can be substituted by knowledge … that accepts the benefits of science and hitech … but also brings itself to understand the sociological implications of change … at an individual level. It is the way of the future.

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