The Hunter Returns

The Hunter Returns

A Story by Dayran

A hunter turned traveler


Orion … the great hunter of the constellations … symbolizes man's search to understand himself. He does that  with his companion Betelgeuse. And the search is undertaken as a hunt … for the target is illusive … and full of disguises. It was the great pastime of the Gods … and now of man. And here on earth … we are getting acquainted with the rudiments of the exercise. For the prize is nothing less than the seat as master of the universe.

There's a story … that makes its rounds in the celt … that Orion had dispatched 9 of his greatest hunters in search of the self … but none had returned. So the great man … took his bow and arrows … and went on the hunt himself. The only information he had was that … only one man … a Parthan tribesman in Northern India … had seen the illusive self … and knew of him … as the great Creator God himself. So Orion went to meet the Parthan.

But when he reached the village of the Parthan … he was told that the man had gone into the mountains to fast and meditate. So he followed the trail of the man … that led to the mountains. And so began a long tale of journeys … in which Orion came to see the bodies of all the great hunters who had gone before him. It was finally left to him … to continue the hunt … but not before he realized that the Parthan himself … a painted man with dangling talismans … was the great self of the Creator God. And in doing so … understood that he … Orion … was the target he was hunting.

Its the proposition … a student or seeker … comes to see as the final trophy of his hunt. And he realizes that he has to learn … how to see that. Our cultures devise many ways in which a man … comes to grasp the view of the self. To that science … brings a thesis to man of the experience … that's like sitting in a car … and driving through the environment of the world. Its factual and accurate … but lacks the living sensation of the experience.

I've compiled here a cultural approach to science … that engages science as a basis … for its own passion based thesis of the experience. I'm referring to the view of an originally existing consciousness as … the Birdman of the dawn. I'm renaming the universe … with its constellations and stars as … the Moth of destiny. The sun is termed alternatively as … Orion's son. The black hole … the source of matter … becomes the gap of glory. Matter is bonded milk.

Land is America … and man … the comic … Betelgeuse. The Gods are as trees … and the final vision of the form of the self … is observed by a woman. Or rather … like 3-D glasses … it is viewed … as the eyes of the woman … as witnessed by a man. In renaming the objects of the universe and the world this way … we humanize science with the experience of man … and engage man's living experience … as the experiencer. It would I believe … turn science into a living … breathing … specie of creation.

In arriving at the view of the self … we realize it cannot be communicated to another … but is present in our perceived sense of that which … science records as life in the universe. Its my belief that the view of other cultures … the Indic particularly … would in time … transform to the culture … that is growing by the observable … physical … and verifiable experience of science. Presently … all such views as propounded by cultural groups are founded on evolutionary theory. Its the sadhu of science … pursuing the definitions provided by science … with his rationale experience … in human physical life.

It struck me recently … that children form a vision of the self and the world … in their infancy … based entirely on the the movement of their mother's eyes. I believe it activates … a corresponding affirmation in the child's perceptions of its visions. Despite encountering the store of the experience in us … we are unable to grasp its meaning … but are still assured of its … validity based on the events of our lives. Making eye contact … has become an important part of our social practices … and its quite revealing of the child in us.

The visions of the child … carry forward into our adult experiences … and form the basis with which … the individual cultivates their perceptions of self and the world. Unfortunately … in an adult … the child visions transform by the sexual act … into the experience of a woman … and is lost in the relationship. It forms a peculiar sense of the female self in the male … that ought to be pursued without giving up … to arrive at its original nature. It may account as the basis of gay relationships.

I found a new interest in the source of the celt … or picture images in our minds. I am pursuing a learning of its source … and how the mind and passions … combine to generate them. I found it in the early writings of historians and travelers. Men such as the astronomer Ptolemy … from the 2nd century … who referred to maps of Malaysia as the Golden Chersonese … with no further clue as to its meaning. And here's another … the term KUL … used frequently in the voices related to celt imagery … is also the international airport destination code … for Kuala Lumpur.

Visions that arose in an early time … without any basis in fact … other than the personality of the individual … creates a significant point in our studies of the workings of the mind. That's the phenomenon I term as … the birdman of the dawn … and relates to the consciousness of the universal creative energies. It presents itself without time … or considerations of space. And within such a timeless capsule of information about ourselves … do we find the hunter turned traveler of our lives.

© 2016 Dayran

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Added on June 20, 2016
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A Story by Dayran