I Am Here

I Am Here

A Poem by Summer D.

Just a reflection.

I Am Here

Not much has changed. 
I feel somewhat silly for thinking something would. 

My hair is still the same length as it was yesterday" The same split ends that I observed still remain. I haven't grown a foot taller" my younger brother now towers over me. My face remains youthful not quite matching my age" I still look solemn and chilly when I stare from afar. I'm still plain.

Im not perfect with complete control over my emotion" I'm still moody and easy to upset with careless words. I haven't let go of the memories of the rough tides during middle school" My eyebrows still knit together when my mother mentions their names. I'm still immature. 

Yet, I am here.
And what more could I ask for?

I haven't been ravaged by the corruption and greed that plagues so many others.

My parents haven't divorced and given me the cold shoulder.
My mother hasn't turned me loose and let me raise my head to look any older. 
My father hasn't turned his watchful eye away as I grow older; shooing away any mischievous prospectors. 
My brother hasn't stopped his silly antics; much more content when I wear sweatpants and a loose baggy shirt.
My grandmother hasn't ceased inquiring about my nonexistent love life" reminiscing her younger days and the love I have yet to find.
I haven't been cursed with terminal cancer, type two diabetes, or any sort of virus.
I'm not starving or living on the streets, forced into prostitution, because there's no other way.

I've made friends.
I've kept some and lost sight of others along the way.
We've got differences.
We've got similarities.

We argue and we fight. 
We tease and we prank. 
I thank you sincerely, because you've all taught me so much.
I know I'm a little bit slow when it comes to life learning
I'll be better for you and I won't let you down.
I promise.

I say it a lot so I hope you don't think it doesn't hold any real meaning.
When I say I love you.
I truly mean it.
Perhaps not with clasped hands and starry eyes, because I'm pretty sure that only happens in the movies.
But with an inwards smile and a teasing grin.
I love you very dearly.

My family and friends are the truest blessing.
This breath of life that was given to me as a baby.
Is a true blessing.

I've got tears prickling my eyes and it makes me worry.
I've been crying a lot lately.
There's been angry tears and some joyous tears. 
Perhaps it's puberty...
My sense of humor, as dry as ever, as lame as ever, will never fade.

I am loved.
And I am grateful.
And what more could I ask for?

I can ask for one more thing.
If you all could lend me your ears. 
That nothing will change and everything will remain the same.
Life's going to get rough.
Life's going to be busy.
But don't change.
Be the same.
Even if we stop talking.
If we happen to cross paths once more" I'd like to look upon your face with a sense of familiarity.
Loneliness doesn't work so well with me.

I hope I don't change.
And If I do.
I hope it's for the better.

I hope I still retain my writing abilities and quirky personality.
I hope I'm still able to bring a smile to my loved ones face
I hope I don't become caught up in the useless chase of flawless beauty and copper pennies.
I hope I remain natural and honest, and someone will truly love me.
I hope my parents live to see their grandchildren" because they will have plenty.
I hope my grandmother takes a long time to surpass her grandfather, because she tells me, "Then I'll be ready."
I hope I make a difference on this planet, and I please those above me...watching.

I am here.
And I hope you don't mind when I ask you.

To please stay with me.
Now and forever.
You know your names.
I don't think I've got to worry.

I hope I don't disappoint you all as I get older.
I hope I live up to your expectations, my expectations, and I do even better. 
I hope I get wiser"More spiritually tuned.
Maybe I'll retreat in the mountains.. go on some sort of spiritual journey.
With internet though and plenty of anime.
But that sort of defeats the purpose, now doesn't it?

I hope I get an actual sense of humor, because I seriously need one" My slightly perverted, crazy, and random humor just isn't working.
I hope I don't loose my overprotective manner, my compassion, and my sensitivity.
In a world of insensitive people" It's tough living.
But I will go on.
And you will too.

I hope I get better with age.
Just like wine.

I've tallied too long and time is winding.
There's chores to be done while the sun is still shining.
I'll wrap it up because my face is pretty blotchy.
My eyes are red and I'm sort of yawning.
Without my glasses" I look like a twelve year old.
So I look like a crying baby.
But that's okay.

My final words are here for you now.
Simple and Sweet.
But surely not safe to eat.

Thank you for existing and gracing my life with your presence.
Thank you so much for being my blessing.
I hope I can return the favor in the future.
Please continue on even if I hold no meaning.

I woke up in the morning to the sound of my grandmother snoring.
I woke up to my brother overeating, to my chagrin, his stomach isn't spreading.
I woke up to my mother sighing, "That boy's going to eat us out of house and home."
I woke up to my dad on his computer" spamming my inbox with articles already.
I woke up to the sun, though quite faint at the moment, just reaching for me.

I woke up to life.
My god given blessing.

I am here.
I hope you're here too. 

Please continue on living.
And smile even when your heart is frowning.
You look much better that way.
Trust me.

Summer D.
Also Known As: Aisha_U

© 2012 Summer D.

Author's Note

Summer D.
Today is a day of reflection.
No real reason for it.
I just needed to reflect.

Thank you~!

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There's chores to be done--> unless this was for dialect-ambiance or something, there's should be there're...

Refreshing piece of work. It's noce to know there are people who exist that occasionally take time to reflect on themselves in the many ways that you managed to bring into writing with this poem. Reflecting helps one keep sight of one's Self.


Also: "needing to reflect" is a very real reason. : )

Posted 5 Years Ago

I just needed...I don't know. Reflection. A moment of peace. Again, I can never say just how much I love this. It holds a special place in my heart, this piece. I hope that I never change, and if I do it's for the better. And I'm ever so so grateful to my friends for coming into my life. You guys have been blessing upon blessing.

This "If I could ask for one more thing" line seemed to be foreshadowing our current situations..school is really pulling us apart. But I hope that you guys remain the wonderful beings you are, no matter what happens in life.

We are here. And that is a miracle unto itself.

Posted 6 Years Ago

long poem, but still i enjoy it..
like this poem :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

You are here and you are indeed a blessing. I would call this a poem, I think it calls to that part of a reader's brain, a reader's heart, a reader's soul. I have never met a stranger before and found myself "knowing" this human as if we'd met a long time ago and just bumped into each other again--but I did so through this unique and limpid-eyed poem. A brilliant write, a brilliant soul. I think you are going to be one of my favorite reads.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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a very good tale.

Posted 6 Years Ago

it doesn't sound like a poem to me, I thought it was a story
But good write
Live life to the fullest because you have it
Laugh as long as you can
And Cry as long as your eyes permit you (:

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Wow! This poem is just *chokes* AMAZING!!! I have no words for it, really. It felt like someone was reciting it, a low, mysterious and disembodied voice. Sorta unnerving, but really very unique and something I have never experienced before. This piece is a good length and I just loved it! Keep writing!

Posted 6 Years Ago





Ahem. Now that I've got my wits back. I'm going to repeat everything that the two down there wrote. Its so beautiful, showing that just being here is an amazing blessing in itself. Waking up to life is a wonderful gift. We are blessed with family and friends who loves us.
Seriously, I could FEEL the emotion in this poem. I will stay with you always, never changing. I will always be eccentric, and a crazy anime lover. And someone who will always cherish her friends, who she loves very much.

So beautiful. Amazing. Wonderful. I think I'll print it out and put it up in my room or something.

Absolutely stunning. Good job Summer.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Aisha, I had tears by the time I finished this.
It's so perfect, so beautiful, and it shows wisdom past your years.
I'm sorry this review can't show it the justice it deserves.
You've blown my mind, moved my heart, and made me thankful that I know you as a friend.

If I could rate it would honestly be a million.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Everyday should be a day of reflection. When we think about why we are here, what we're doing; just stepping out of the never ending rut of life even for a brief while, even though we know that we will return to it again... It just keeps us on track. And that is important. :)

I loved the simplicity and straightforwardness of this poem. The coincidence is that my first spoken-word poem (which I am in the process of writing) is titled "Today is Just Another Day." It seems to have many similarities to your poem so far. I'll try to change what I can, but I hope you don't mind if I publish it here on WC?

If I could rate, this poem of yours is one of my personal favorites.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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