Black Sea

Black Sea

A Poem by Mika =^-^=

Here I am
trying to walk down this path
keep me from stumbling down,
keep playing the melody
that uplift my soul.

Give me your hand
so I can have something 
to hold on to,
because I'm getting closer 
to reach the point of giving up.

the whispers from my past
begins to grow louder
disturbing my peace of mind.

tears begin to fall down,
a familiar taste lingers in my mouth,
the salty taste of forgotten tears.

This heavy sensation on my chest
slowly pulling me down,
erasing the good in my life.

All the hatred words that were said,
slowly devours every inch of my being
erasing all the confidence I had
leaving behind fragments of the past.

I feel I'm drowning in a sea of hatred,
no matter how hard I've tried to fight
the faster I sink,
all the tears that I once shed
keeps haunting me.

No matter how much I fight
I seem to fall back down
into this black sea,
I've tried already.

I'll say goodbye
to all that made my heart sing
dies along side with me,
and I've tried already.

My serenity dies 
a long side with my spirit,
and I've cried so many years,
and I've tried to keep a smile,
but I drown in this black sea
with the whispers devouring me.

© 2017 Mika =^-^=

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Added on September 15, 2017
Last Updated on September 15, 2017


Mika =^-^=
Mika =^-^=

San Diego , CA

I just write to express myself, because is hard for me to express verbally but in writing, I can let every ounce of emotion out. more..