A Poem by Ellen Hammond




Maybe we were passionate lovers,

 Another  world, ’haps   different   life.

Rarely  has  my  soul  felt   connected,

Known, embraced, beloved, as if a wife.


Though in the flesh we have never met,

E-mails help us  build our bond, so  true;

Aglow with friendship, love, and  laughter,

Growing  deeper,  and   very   special   too.


Until our paths crossed I had doubted,

Each relationship formed in cyber space;

Reasoning  that  some  may  well  pretend,

Omit  their faults, as you can’t see their face.  


Although caution has been my motto,

Real life’s taught  me, eyes can  also lie.

Kindred  souls   might   well, unite   online,

Entwined  in  cyber  cords,  they  can’t  deny.





© 2009 Ellen Hammond

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Dear Ellen,

This is a charming piece that is full of wisdom. Yes, real conversations, whether or not over the internet, are what bring us together. Here we feel your heart being tugged by another, and we hear your mind cautioning: "Is this true, can I believe?" This is always true even in face-to-face interactions. In the end, only time can tell.

Best regards,


Posted 9 Years Ago

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I cringe at the thought of cyber romance...I think love a hands on involvement in the romantic sense. But as far as friendship goes and love of a deeper than romantic sort...I think its born of mutual respect and friendship. And that can be achieved with some degree of success across the wires. I have many cyber friends that I love dearly...and more than a few I would like meet in person...I'm an extrovert of fairly large proportions. And as my daughter so casually observed of my nature once, I'm "painfully honest" lol...why not be honest? If one tells the truth it's certain one will never get confused about one's story! lol

Posted 7 Years Ago

Sometimes I feel friends found on the computer are more truthful about themselves than thoswe I have know all of my life..Nice write,,lol and God bless..Kathie

Posted 8 Years Ago

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This was so refreshing and a joy to read,oh sweet romance and online too,you have the unique ability of charming the reader and drawing them into a world of peace,love and happiness,i was a sceptic too with love online but now i am realising this is the new way of chatting with folk,in the old days we would meet for a gin and tonic at the local pub or a cup of tea and a bun at the local cafe and have a nice chat.Well done i'm thrilled to make your acquaintence.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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I know I know! My God, to fall in love online, with such a stigma to it! But these feeling are real they mean so much, and in fact they are even more true because the love is only for the mind, not for the superficial. I am so glad you have captured the meaning in onbline relationships with so much integrity. Well done, and an excellent poem too! Liked the pics also!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Oh my Ellen, so well I understand what you have so finely written! When that bug bites, it bites hard... and sometimes, I have learned, thre is even a reason for it. Who knows? For those who believe in soul mates, is a chance meeting online now, in the current world, less real than a chance meeting in the yesteryears? We simply have more tools for communication now, i think, for both good and ill. A soul freind is a gift no matter how s/he comes into your life.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Although this thing called the internet offers those who are inclined to do so an opportunity to be their very worst, it also works the other way, so I've found. Maybe it's because I have this odd idea that nothing I do is really private and that I'll one day be held accountable for every single thing I've ever done, so I behave myself online. With that said, I have made some excellent internet friends, most of whom are female, and this is unusual because I've never been very good at talking with women--not in person, at least. Judst over a year ago, I had the opportunity to meet four women all at once that I'd known online for several years. You know what? There was no barrier at all that I sensed. We were all five the best of buddies, just like we had been online. It was wonderful. So---if we are honest and true and choose to do so, we can easily fall in love online, but in a way that is not wrong or immoral. Isn't it great?

Posted 8 Years Ago

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What a lovely, so -true piece. Yes, I believe one can find love through the cyber-place.
Your descriptions of this happening are worded beautifully.
Truly a lovely write, Ellen.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Beautiful poem, it's true what you write ... a lot of us feel like you but eyes can't see.Feels the heat coming from friendships online ...
Thank you Ellen :)J

Posted 8 Years Ago

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On the negative side, suspicion kills many
budding cyber affairs.
You know that when You take her to dinner
and dancing and kissing and home----she was
not with some other guy that night.
I have been told by a friend that after talking to
his girl for hours one night, he later discovered
that she continued her evening by talking ( IM)
with someone else for hours. That`ll kill it .

On the positive side, when we meet Suzie or
Daisy at the local watering hole---she is only who
we interpret her to be. She can say anything, do
anything, but what it means to you or me is little
different from the girl you meet on line. She is
who we interpret her to be.

I`m getting carried away with this. Forgive me.

Your writing is a work of art. Your reasoning is
beyond reproach and your life is testimony to your
wisdom and style.

You have interpreted perfectly.

My rating ----- 100 %

------Eagle Cruagh

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Ellen Hammond
Ellen Hammond

Saint John, N.B., Bay of Fundy , Canada



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