A timeless and precious jewel

A timeless and precious jewel

A Story by EmpressPoetess

A short Story of the wisdom and joy a girl learnes from her grandmother, and the gifts she left behind.



    I walk down the old familiar dirt road.
As the sun slowly slips behind the mountain,
my heart sings as I see the small  pale blue house
with its flower laced pathway, surrounded by white stones.  I knock and call out, so as not to frighten her, then use my key to enter the cozy living room.
My smile widens when I see her sitting there
by the window  rocking slowly, writing again.
Her eyes can barely see the paper but she still writes, mostly by memory.

    Her long slim fingers are boney and bent with age, and the skin is withered  and thin,
but they move with the sureness of youth.
I look around the room at the many volumes
of books she has written over time.
They contain her history, her life and all her many journeys and experiences.  I am so honored that she has shared all this with me.
through her written words, I have followed her
to so many great places, seen many great people
and experienced many wonderful things
I've also shared in her pain, her loss and her fears.

            As I prepare her meal and wash her clothes,
           I recall that the last five books she has written
          are about another young woman of  more

          recent times than the other books. 

         I have inquired as to who she represents
         but grandma just smiles and says she will

         reveal her name in this book, which will be her last.
        when I ask sadly why she will write no more
        she gave me a sentimental smile and said;
        "the things and the people we cherish the most
        will be with us for a time, and then pass on through life,
        just be thankful that you have them to enjoy
        for whatever time you have them"


        I sat at her feet applying liniment and rubbing

        away the stiffness and pain as her eyes light with

        joy from what she's writing.  I asked her again

        about who the girl in this book is,
but she just smiles and shakes her head,
       I brush her soft snowy hair and plant a loving kiss
       on her sweet wrinkled face, then leave for home.

       Two days later I return to grandma's house , and as

       I enter the house, I'm alarmed by the still silence.
      My hearts speeds.  She is not sitting by the window

      in her chair, not rocking and smiling up as I come

      through the door as usual.  I know something's wrong!
      When I walk into her bedroom, I cry out in anguish
      for I know she is no longer with me.

      Her thin, pale form rests on her bed, with the
      now finished book held lovingly against her breast.
      A soft,  peaceful smile adorns her sweet face.  I am

      besides myself with grief.  I shake my head as tears

     sting my closed eyes.   No! I'm not ready to let her go!

     ..........A few days after I bury my sweet grandma,
      I go back to her house and pick up her last book.
        Inside the first page of dedication is a note to me.
     "To my dear Niecie, my granddaughter and my best friend
      may your travels through life take you to great places

     and may you experience many wonderful things as I have
     as I have.  Remember to leave your treasures
     with those dearest to you, as I have with you
     goodbye, my baby, and thank you for always

     being there for me.  I'll see you in the next time!"

     Warm tears slide down my face while I read the first chapter.
Then I gasp and smile with wonder and  great joy,
because the girl she has written about, is me!
The tears flow faster now, but I'm not sad, because within

those precious pages my grandma has given me the greatest treasure that I could ever ask for. I picked up the old pink and blue throw that was forever across her knees, and I wrap it around my shoulders and I open my book again and read
and go on my first of many journeys, the first one is to Spain!



© 2012 EmpressPoetess

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Added on March 4, 2009
Last Updated on April 6, 2012
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