The Seasons of Us

The Seasons of Us

A Poem by DrD

when winter comes and skeletons of trees

stand starkly upon the snow

i will think of you

and your head on my lap before the fireplace

skating on the gaunt, deep pond

where we made love on brighter days

hot chocolate and fired brandies

and standing at windows while flurries fell


when it is spring again and trees bear promises

as islands of snow die slowly in their shadows

i will think of you

when all was alive again and you believed in us

within the world of nest-making and streams going home

making bouquets of foothill flowers

constantly profaning the word “forever”

and imagining that winter was forever gone


when summer is upon me with sweltering wrath

i will come to the forest where we walked and

i will think of you

where we were prone beneath the well dressed limbs

in a canopy above us, fitted into one another like lovers

by the quarry lake where you were covered in beads of water

and the sun loved you and glistened upon your body

where i looked at you as one would view sunsets or miracles


autumn will come with all its dark omens and i will walk

upon the crisp leaves made spectacular by death

and i will think of you

where the earth wore its gaudy colors while ours had faded

into the murky hues of uneasiness and fear

and soon the trees will awaken alone and naked to the world

and i will understand their plight in a box called home

where once laughter lived and life was wonderful


there was a time before seasons and sentiment

when small, gentle hands covered my eyes with giggles

and you gasped, “oh, i’m sorry!  i thought you were someone else!”

i smiled then and replied, “i am.”

it was the spring of us that led into the caldron of summer passion

before time and treasons took their toll

before reality and reason tore the glitter from our eyes

and our autumn came that condemned us to our winter

© 2012 DrD

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Beautiful! Amazingly beautiful! I love the descriptions of every season fitted with the relationship of the You and I. I could envision everything so perfectly, each metaphor slowly changing with the slow changing of the seasons. I love how the first stanza gives hope and moves hope through til Autumn where everything begins to fall apart, where the dying of things are comparative to the dying of the relationship. I love the "box called home" and the last line of the last stanza. This is so well done David! Thank you for sharing it with me.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Thank you, Lori, for your visit and comments


You have utilised so much relatable imagery, which I as the reader have easily grasped as there is spectacular visual clarity in each line, very nice writing DrD.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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i always love poetry that connects sensitive emotion and sentiment to nature, they are my absolute favorite after dark poetry. there is just so much imagery and emotion presented so simply and beautiful with an elegant flow to it =) the power this has just on the surface nearly took my face off it was so good. id love to know who is this person you write about so often, they must have been amazing you write so highly of them and they serve as such inspiration for magnificent works such as this one.

Great read =)


Posted 5 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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