Chapter 15

Chapter 15

A Chapter by Forgotten

Chapter 15


The sky was worse today, the sky was filled with lightning and thunder echoed across the forest. Rain pelted down upon the Elven village. Military practice was called off today and everyone was told to remain indoors to avoid the rain. Damion was still sleeping oblivious to the weather outside. Enelya sat at her window looking out to the sky, worry harboured within her eyes as if she knew something everyone else didn’t. She looked down and saw Idril patrolling the streets almost like she was looking for something.

“Pssst” Enelya uttered quietly, Idril looked towards her and approached closer.

“What is it Enelya?” she asked.

“Are you looking for…well…him?” she asked trying to avoid their name. Idril looked around quickly to make sure no one was listening.

“Yeah I am, I’m sure their causing this now” she looked around once more. “We need to make sure Damion is ok Enelya, it’s important”

“I can do that” Enelya replied.

“Good, go and check on him and if it is…him then he might not be safe here”

“What do you mean not safe? He said something like that yesterday. Do you know something I don’t?” Idril sighed and gave up the information.

“I heard that a group of vampires are after him, we need to keep him safe if what I believe is true”

“What is true?” she asked trying to understand.

“Look up” Enelya did so. “See that, the lightning is only above our village” Enelya still didn’t understand what she meant.


“I think it’s like a homing beacon for the vampires, now quickly go check on him”.

“Yes Mam” she replied saluting.  

Idril carried on searching the town.


Enelya had gathered her armour, bow and quiver and began to run down the street towards Damion’s shack. She passed Idril who was looking through everyone’s window searching still. Enelya reached his Shack and ran inside quickly. Damion still lay motionless, the only movements coming from his breathing. Enelya shook Damion until he began to groan.

“What do you want, is it time for training?” he said without opening his eyes.

“No, but you may be in danger, we need you awake ready to leave just in case”

“Wait danger?!” he yelped. “I told you it wasn’t safe here!” he stood ready to leave but was eventually pulled back down by Enelya.

“Calm yourself for god sake Damion, didn’t your mother ever teach you never to act before you understand the situation?” she looked at him and sadness became apparent on her face. “She used to tell me, If you keep acting up so quickly the Trydans will come take you away” she laughed to herself, it was a creature my mother made up in her stories she told me.

“Trydans?” he thought to himself, his head became painful and the feeling of electric began to course through his veins.  “Argh god not again” he held his head in pain and collapsed.


A younger Damion lay in bed fidgeting and giggling away at his mother who was tickling him. Damion laughed and finally calmed.

“Mummy, can you tell me one of your stories, please. Just one ickle one”

“Ok ok, just one” Damion settle down and listen carefully.

“There was once a group of people called the Trydans and lived in harmony with the humans. One day a star fell from the sky onto the village, the trydans wanted to keep it for their own and so did the humans. One day the leader of the trydans challenged the town leader to a duel and however won got to keep the star. He accepted. The met up the day later the human leader was ready for battle but the trydan had not specified the duel. He wanted to race so no one would get hurt; the human leader did not accept and began to attack the trydan. He injured but did not kill; the humans were outraged by their leaderand promised the trydans the star. The trydan said however, that they can keep the star if they can have the town leader to teach him a lesson for acting up. The town agreed and let them have him. He was not killed but tortured”

“Wow, are the trydans real mummy?” Damion asked.

“Well if you act up to much they’ll take you away, and we don’t want that do we?” Damion giggled.

“No” his mother smiled

“That’s what I thought, goodnight” Damion rolled over and fell fast asleep. 


Damion awoke with his vision blurred. He could make out Enelya shaking him.

“Oh god Damion, I thought you were done for this time”

“Enelya, what happened to your mother?” Enelya began to look nervous.

“Oh well she left, with a traveller a few years back” Damion sat up quickly and became light headed but was too focused on his questioning to care.

“Who was this traveller?” he asked nearly falling backwards.

“Oh I don’t know his name, but he stayed with us for about a week and said he was visiting his parents in Domine. We told him that he could not travel this was due to the portal being the only way up the cliff” Damion’s eyes widened hugely. “My mother called her Miron and flew him up, but she never returned”

“Oh god Enelya, I think my mother was your mother?!”

“Wait where are you from?”

“I’m from Domine, I’m sure my mother is yours, she used to hum that melody you do, she used to talks about trydans and all sorts” Damion prattled on quickly without breathing.

“So, you’re like…my step brother?” Damion smiled,

“Well I suppose that’s right” Damion hugged her and she hugged him. “Ok now Enelya, you have to listen to me because I can only say this once. The girl that was taken away has put a seal on me, it stops me form becoming a werewolf at night and I’m stuck with this seal until I find her. I’m gathering she is still alive because the past few nights I have not changed” Enelya smiled at him seeming unfazed.

“You’re a good guy Damion, I don’t care if you’re a werewolf, I still love you as my brother but I do fear for your life so we go anywhere I’m going with you…understood?”

“Understood” Damion looked around the small shack seeming lost of what to do next. “Well what do we do now?”

“We wait until Idril gives the all clear”


Idril stumbled through the town. The rain had left the ground wet and hard to walk through. She looked through another window. The family was huddled around a small fire trying to keep warn and shield it from the wind.

“Damn it, I’m sure someone is causing this” she stopped and looked up to the sky recalling a memory.

“Just you wait” Gurtin angrily stormed off throwing his armour and sword to the ground.

“No, it couldn’t be?!” Idril rushed up the street as fast as she could and stormed into Gurtins house. It was empty and only a small fire lit the room flailing in the wind. “Damn!” Idril shouted and rushed over to Damion’s shack. She rushed in without hesitation.

“Idril what’s wrong?”

“No time, you two come with me now!” They both stood quickly and followed her outside. “Follow me quickly” she shouted beckoning them to follow her. The all ran up through the town up to the training grounds, the wet dirt made it impossible to manoeuvre quickly. The sky roared at them and lightning began to violently pummel the ground with rage. Dirt splattered across them and the water coursed with electricity. “Ok I’m sure this is the work of a vampire”

“It is!” Damion yelled, “I encounter power like this in Alexandranite”

“A vampire?” Idril questioned.

“Yes, a powerful one too”

“Damn its happening, I heard rumours but it must be true now” Idril muttered to herself.

“Rumours? What’s happening?” Idril stopped and placed both of her hand son Damion, lightening crashed right beside them ripping the ground out easily. 

“Listen to me Damion, I’m sure we will meet in the future, I cannot tell you what is happening but it is happening all around us” she looked over her shoulder to make sure they were still safe from anyone. “It may not happen this year or next year or even in ten years, but it’s going to happen” Damion understood but at the same didn’t understand what was happening.

“Ok Idril, now let’s get me and Enelya out of here” Idril looked to Enelya and back to Damion and nodded at both of them.

“Oh crap Idril look!” Enelya shouted in terror. Idril turned to see a group of 15 to 20 hooded people coming out of the forest.

“We’re too late!” Idril shouted, “Run!” they all turned and began to run in the other direction, the ground still made it impossible and hindered there speed. The hooded figures began to attack, and chased them throwing all they could at them. A ball of fire launched past and tore the ground up right in front of them but failed to stop their retreat. Suddenly a group of six landed in front of them, the water from the ground rippled and splashed upwards freezing into spikes coming out of the ground. Escape looked impossible, but Idril suddenly thought of a plan.

“Squadron!” she bellowed out as loudly as she could, “Code V-6 to battle!” the hooded group continued the attack. Damion was lifted from and unknown force and thrown backwards closer to the other group. Damion sat up extremely slowly, the suction from the mud held him down. He looked behind him and only just dodged a right hook from one of the hooded figures. He pulled him over his shoulder and stabbed his sword into his heart killing him in a second. He stood and watched as they were becoming surrounded by hooded people. It was over; they could not escape without force. Damion, Enelya and Idril backed into the centre, they looked on each side. The group had grown on each. In front to the forest stood now around thirty and behind stood another twenty seven. Idril covered Damion and Enelya as much as she could.

“Damion, this is what is happen!”

“What’s happening Idril I don’t understand!” Damion cried out.

“War!” a male voice boomed over the lightning and stopped it in its track. The sky became silent. They all looked as a single person emerged from the crowd. “This…is…war” Damion looked confused and couldn’t understand.

“So why are you here!” yelled Idril. The man chuckled.

“To remove all threats to our cause”

“Us Elves are no threat to you and you know that!” he laughed loudly echoed the sky with the sound of evil.

“You really think we are here for your pathetic race?! You foolish girl. No, we are here, for the boy”

“What? How am I more of a threat than this whole race?”

“Because I know what you are!” he shouted immediately, “And I know what you can do Damion” Damion’s fear diminished and was being replaced with anger.

“So why the group?!” Enelya yelled fearfully. The man stood and shrugged.

“If we’re here, you may not be a threat to us but, we may as well take you out whilst we are here, wouldn’t you agree?” Enelya backed down and hid behind Damion. “And since you are all about to die I may as well tell you, my name is Druiga! Now, accept your fate and die!”

“Initiate Code V-6 now!” Idril yelled. The group all looke around expecting an opposing group but saw none. They all burst out with laughter.

“Idril they didn’t come” Enelya said.

“Wait for it” a loud roar echoed as form behind the hooded figure near the town a group of fully armour elves sprung out from under the mud. They had placed thierselves when they were not looking. The hooded group waited for their attack but missed were too distracted to notice the arrows come hurtling from the sky. “Get down!” yelled Idril. They all ducked down in an attempt to avoid being hit theirselves. The hooded group was hit by the flurry of arrows and many were knocked down and even more were dead.

“Attack!” roared the Eleven group, they charged up the field to and began to attack the group nearest the village making easy work of them. The stood around Idril and the others weapons unsheathed and ready for battle.

“Destroy this pathetic race” Druiga said calmly. The group however cheered out loudly and ran towards the elves hurtling lightning to the floor, fireballs tore the ground around them up, the water around them froze, and Elves were thrown like they were merely feathers from a miron around the field. The group was being divided; they could not fight back or get close to them. Damion grew with anger, it began to flow over and rage coursed through his veins.

“This is all my fault. This is all because of me, this death of your people, the damn suffering!”

“No Damion, it was bound to happen” Idril said trying to calm him.

“No, it’s my fault! It’s mine!” Damion unsheathed his sword and was steady as a rock. “I will end this crap!” Damion yelled furiously.

“No Damion stop it now!” Idril held on to him but was thrown backwards and narrowly missed a thick shard of ice. However her amour was caught by it and impaled it trapping her. Damion dugs his feet in a rushed forwards dirt and water jumped in to the air on his each and every step. A bolt of lightning rushed down, he dodged it with ease and still approached the group. The floor in front of him rose up creating a wall; however Damion slashed his sword through it cutting it like butter and ran through it.

“Grrrr, kill him now!” yelled Druiga. A hooded figure rushed forwards at superhuman speed and stabbed a dagger into his arm. However still unfazed Damion reached behind him stopping the figure in his tracks and threw him upwards spinning, ripped the dagger out of his arm and thrust it into the hooded man’s heart. He fell to the ground dead and Damion continue his assault.

“Kill him right now!” Druiga furiously blurted out, his face red with rage and hatred. A final figure rushed forwards and picked Damion up and threw him towards the hooded group. But the rage within Damion caused him to be unsurprised by this attempt and landed his feet upon a hooded figure and launched himself back at the person who and thrown him. He readied his sword and tore it through the stomach of the person ripping him in half. He landed on his feet and turned to the hooded group. Blood covered his face and sword and anger raged through him like he was a wild savage beast.

“Get the hell out of here before I tear you all limb from limb!” he shouted, however his voice did not sound his own. I rough voice could be heard under his normal one as if the beast within him and joined with his human body. Druiga watched as his group was still approaching, Damion gripped the handle of his sword harder. Druiga admitted defeat this time to himself.

“Retreat!” he yelled out and darted off into the forest. The Elven tribe began to cheer and Enelya rushed up to Damion who was still boiling with rage.

“Damion that was amazing” she hugged him tight. She let go and approached Idril and pulled her from the ice shard.

“Damion, thank you” Idril said thankful, “You saved us, but now I’m wondering why that spying b*****d Gurtin is”

The sound of heavy wet footsteps approached from behind them.

“I’m here Mam, here to fight for you” Idril stood puzzled.

“But if you wasn’t the one who caused this then who?” Damion thought back to his few days at the village.

“I know who it is” they all looked to Damion and muttered in surprise.

“Who?” they all asked at the same time.

“I’m sure it’s Atela” they gasped and looked around, the whole village had come out yet she was nowhere to be seen.

“Damion I think your right” replied Gurtin. The sound of squelching came from behind the group of elves as if someone was walking. The group opened up to show Atela trying to escape.

“Leave her to me” Damion said, his undervoice roaring with anger. Damion began to take after her. Idril and Enelya looked around, there group had become half what it was. All around many lay bleeding and injured, but even more lay dead and still. Idril spared a tear but regained her leadership skill quickly.

“Ok medics, get those alive inside now to avoid infection and the rest of you help carry the injured to your houses”

“But what about the dead” Enelya asked holding onto Idril’s arm. Idril looked and once again spared another tear.

“We will gather them and bury them tomorrow” Enelya nodded and agreed with her. “Ok all hurry up get to work! That includes you Enelya get going!”

“Yes Mam” she saluted.


Damion gained on Aleta and was doing so quickly. She was getting caught in the wetted dirt and could not keep up her energy.

“Come here you traitor!” Damion yelled. She looked back crying and tears running form her face.

“I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry” she screamed through her shallow breaths. “Please don’t hurt me!”

“Oh don’t hurt you? How about the Elves you got killed you pathetic girl!” She turned to see Damion finally right behind her. He slapped her knocking her to the ground.

“No please stop!” she looked up at him. Damion swung his foot into her face with great force.

“You don’t deserve mercy!” she looked up again her face bleeding; her tears clung to the dirt on her face. Again he launched his foot into her face knocking her down. Her breaths became heavy and struggled.

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you!” he yelled at her. She did not reply but instead just cried and hugged his leg begging for mercy. He kicked her off into the dirt once more. “Answer me!” she ceased to cry and climbed to her feet with great difficulty, she was unsteady.

“Your race is pathetic and violent, no wonder you are dying out” she said angrily and spat in his face. Her wiped the white mass from his face and looked at her with fierce eyes.

“Wrong answer” he said deeply. He thrust his sword into her stomach and twisted listening to the squelch of her organs. He pulled it out and watched her fall to her knees. “I’m not done” Aleta looked up confused.

“What?” she answered. His sword lashed across her face tearing her left cheek open. She screamed in pain and held her face. Blood covered her hands and dropped to the floor. He kicked her to the floor.

“Feel the pain that your village has felt because of you!” he slashed his sword across her chest ripping it open. Her breaths became choked. “Now, die” He stabbed his sword through her heart and out the other side penetrating the ground. She choked once more but her breaths out were replaced with a flow of blood. He looked down to her and tore the sword out; blood sprung up from her and stained his clothes.



Something clicked in me that day, I became tougher and stronger. This would not be the first time it happens however. But I saw my mother; I have a mother still and even a step-sister! The days ahead would still be tough, but when isn’t it.


The day had been a victory for the elves, the celebrated their victory. Many were down at the tavern drink all the Drudil they wanted. They play music outside; beautiful elven melodies filled the air. All was happy, yet Damion lay indoors, the day had been too much for him to cope. He lay there motionless. They night came and the village was silent. Damion slept soundly, no dream, no visitations. All was still.


The sound of Mirons boomed across the sky. It was clear today and not a cloud in the sky. The sun shone bright and the heat dried the ground yet left it uneven and rough. It was awkward to walk on and many stumbled around the village. The sound of the Mirons awoke Damion, he stumbled slowly out of his shack just to be blinded by the morning sun. He used his hand as a shield from the sun to look up at the Mirons crossing over. It was said Mirons will always pass over a battlefield, when the battle was done. Damion looked and seemed to believe it. Enelya caught Damion and began to close in on him.

“So…you’re up” Damion looked to her and back to the sky.

“Um…yeah” he replied not really caring. Enelya looked troubled at Damion.

“Listen, we’re digging the grave for our friends” Damion looked at her now catching his interest. “You don’t have to help if you find it too hard” Damion shook his head in disagreement.

“I’m fine, I got you all in this mess, it’s only fair I help” he started to walk away put was pulled back.

“Listen Damion!” Enelya said sternly, “Stop blaming yourself, the rumours of war have been hovering for months, it would have happened sooner or later”

“Yes but I’m decreasing the time you have left!” Enelya backed off and looked down upset. “I know it’s not all my fault but I’m causing it to start, if I don’t die it could all begin!” he shouted yet not angrily. “They obviously know I’m a threat now, even more than before now. I didn’t even know I could do that” he sighed “Enelya I’m going to join this war” Enelya gasped and looked at him worried. “I’m part of it now and I to play my part” Enelya’s face became an expression of proudness.

“Ok then, you will have to run it by Idril but, if it’s what you want to do then, I’m not going to stop you” Damion did not reply to her. “You are on about joining us…aren’t you?” Enelya asked. Damion still did not give her a response and fell blank. Enelya looked away from him feeling like she had done something wrong.

“Where is Idril?” he muttered. Enelya did not look at him as his tone of voice was not a happy one.

“The training field” Damion walked past her brushing up against her softly. “I’m coming with you though”

“No you’re not, I’m doing this alone and that’s final” he raised his hand to gesture a goodbye.

“Oh Damion, I just get a brother and you won’t even let me help you”


Damion wandered onto the training field, it was destroyed and in no condition for them to train on. Idril was assisting the others by digging the graves up. To the side lay a large cover pin to the ground. The bodies lay decaying underneath it.

“Idril, I need a moment of your time” Damion spoke out rightly. Idril looked up to him and climbed out of the hole she was digging.

“Ok what’s up?” Damion paused for a moment to decide if this was what he really wanted to do.

“Idril, where does the hooded group reside?” Idril shook her head and placed her hands on her hips.

“Look Damion I know what you’re trying to do but…”

“No buts Idril” she was interrupted. “Now listen to me, this war will accelerate if I’m alive and it’s known. Whichever way this ends for me will be bring good causes”

“Oh really?” she replied sarcastically. “So how do you figure that out?”

“”It’s simple, I break in kill all of them and save Rose. Your land will be safe. I die trying and the war we calm down once again as there is no threat” Idril loosened and saw the truth in his theory.

“That is true, but wait…Rose?” she asked.

“Yes, Rose” he stopped and took a breath. “She was kidnapped by them I remember their clothes, I’m sure she is with them” Damion began to well up, “I love your Idril, now I will either take your directions there, or I will wander the forest mindlessly searching, which will it be?” Idril shook her head once more.

“Well I don’t have much of a choice do I?” she said jokingly. “About 12 hours west you’ll come to the Wall of Ralis. We heard rumour the king there was overthrown and assonated by a group of hooded men. We found out today that, it is true. They have taken over the whole town and the fort” Damion began to look disheartened. “You will not be able to it alone Damion…but?” A speck of hope shone in his eyes.


“But, if you insist on going then I think it’s time to start this war” Damion did not looked convinced of the idea. “Give me today to finish this and tomorrow we will plan, ok?”

“Ok, but I want to help somehow”

“Well the best way you can help is grab a shovel and start digging”

“Yes Mam” he saluted. She smiled and laughed at him, as she stopped she continued to dig the hole outwards. The hole was big already, yet the size needed to increase to fit the bodies left from the night before.


© 2011 Forgotten

Author's Note

Its finally coming to a close :) please tell me what you think

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A powerful chapter. A lot of action and events in this chapter. I like the battle scene. You are making each scene come alive with strong description and story. Thank you for the excellent poem.

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