Chapter 17

Chapter 17

A Chapter by Forgotten

Chapter 17



A cold wind was present, chilling gust whipped around Damion and Enelya, they were closing on to Elkenvine. A brilliant scent was carried by the wind, the smell of fresh flowers. Damion smiled remembering the florist back home, but not only that the shop keeper; Old Mrs Flora he used to call her, her name being Floretta however. The sound of thunder rumbled suddenly, interrupting Damion’s thoughts. He looked up above him spotting a black cloud looming above them, he stopped and abruptly pulled Enelya back. Enelya turned to face Damion watching his expressions change.

“What’s the matter?” Enelya questioned. Damion didn’t answer and continued to listen out as if to find a hidden sound. “Damion, what’s wrong?” she asked again yet this time more urgently.

“I have a terrible feeling about this, I-I can feel it in the pit of my stomach” Elkenvine lay just ahead of them, the broken archway resembling an entrance to the once flourishing town stood tall above them merely a few meters away. A sharp pain suddenly cracked through into Damion head. “Arghh!” He yelped in pain falling to his knees. He held his head between his hands, a high pitched sound echoed in his head. Enelya dropped to her knees quickly next to him.

“Damion what’s wrong!” she yelled, yet to Damion it was nothing but a muffled sound. “Damion answer me please!” still it was nothing but a white noise to Damion.


“Damion turn back…turn back…turn back”

The sound began to diminish, the pain decreased as if it had never been there at all. Enelya watched him nearly tearful as he pulled his hands away from his ears.

“I knew it” he spoke breathlessly. It was quiet and undecipherable to Enelya.

“What was that?” she asked extremely concerned.

“It’s…It’s a trap Enelya” Enelya helped Damion to his feet his balance wavering. “We need to find another way” Enelya shook her head in disbelief.

“No we have to go this way; this is the quickest and only route that will keep us on track”

“Enelya listen to me” he interrupted still desperately trying to catch his breath.

“No listen to me! I am not going to let this plan fall through and cost the lives of my people! I will not, I will not!” she ranted angrily.

“Enelya, you have to listen” Enelya darted off towards Elkenvine and stopped to turn back.

“This is the way I am going now, whether you like it or not, understand?” Damion shook his head in disagreement.

“You’re a fool” Damion replied, Enelya went bright red in the face, pure anger was beginning to course through her veins. “Throughout everything that has happened since I arrived you’re still running by your judgment” Damion approached her slowly watching her face as the anger began to diffuse.

“Well I-“ Enelya started but was interrupted.

“Well I what?” Damion replied looking straight at her eyes. She sighed and calmed.

“Your right…I’m sorry” a tear formed in her left eye, “I’m just scared alright, my whole race is dying out and will probably be wiped out tonight”. Damion placed his hand on her shoulder looking out into Elkenvine.

“I understand, I was scared too when I had to leave my hometown. I was scared when I had to fight, I was even scared when I woke up in a strange village” Enelya looked back at him. “But I had people around to help me and guide me, and that’s what I’m doing now” Damion marched into towards Elkenvine.

“Damion what are you doing you said we should…”

“I know what I said” he blurted out, “We’re tearing through, we need to save your people” Enelya smiled slightly and caught up to Damion sticking close to his side.

“Thank you” she muttered quietly.


Gurtin dawdled behind Idril leading the nervous group. He clenched tightly to his sword never releasing his grip for a second. Daylight could be seen not too far away now, they were finally leaving the forest Idril stopped and turned quickly to the group.

“Halt” the group stopped, Gurtin began to tighten his grip on his sword even more. “Okay, now everyone we are about to leave the forest, our protection.” Idril cleared her throat. “Ahem, now it will be clear out there, we will not have many places to feel safe, so form now on we are all to be on high alert, have I made myself clear…Gurtin?” Gurtin scowled at her.

“Crystal clear” Idril scowled back at him.

“Good” she replied angrily. Gurtin grasped his sword even tighter. Idril eyed his hand and looked up to his face. “Give me your sword Gurtin” His eyes widen in fright, the shock had hit him like a sudden pain. He backed away unsheathing his sword only slightly. Idril raised one eyebrow. “Give it to me now, that is an order” Gurtin shivered in fear and anger.

Kill her now” a voice sounded in Gurtin’s head, echoing as if within a cavern. “Do it, finish her” Gurtin unsheathed his sword.

“You’ll have to kill me first” Idril snarled at him. The group rushed forwards at Gurtin however Idril raised her hand at the group. They stopped confused and angered.

“Everyone back away, I’ll handle this” Idril looked back at Gurtin and glared at him. “I will give you one last chance, pass me your sword…now!”

“Never!” Gurtin yelled echoing across the forest, carried by the winds.

“Then you will die for your traitorous act” Idil yelled. Gurtin grinned evilly, he chuckled deeply. Gurtin raised his sword pointing it at Idril.

“Wrong, you will be the one to die” Idril growled and rushed at Gurtin, she swung her sword clashing with Gurtin’s. “You need to try harder than that” Gurtin pushed his sword forwards knocking Idril backwards. Gurtin pointed his sword forwards inches away from Idril’s neck. Idril swung her sword up knocking his sword away.

“Why are you doing this?” Gurtin grinned smugly.

“Power, we shall have power!” Idril stepped back from him.

“Who...who is we?” Idril asked. Gurtin laughed deeply.

“You will never know” Gurtin swung his at a superhuman speed narrowly missing Idril. Idril swung back at Gurtin, however he swung back knocking her sword cleanly out of her hand. Gurtin approached her pointing his sword at her.

“Funny, I always imagined you…stronger” Gurtin slashed his sword across Idril’s face leaving a small cut. It began to bleed dripping down her face. Gurtin ran his finger across her cheek gathering blood on the tip of his finger. He smiled grimly and put his finger in his mouth licking the blood off. He chuckled deeply “Such a sweet taste”.

“You’re…you’re one of them” she spoke with a shocked tone in her voice.

“Indeed” he turned away from her and licked the blood of his blade. Idril leaned back slightly edging towards her sword. “Don’t even think about it” Idril moved quickly snatching her sword from the ground, she spun around pointing her sword at Gurtin; she shook in fear.

“I…I’m not done” She spoke shakily.

“So I see, but let me ask you something” he spoke as if to try and persuade her into something.


“How do you think this looks to your people?”

“Well…I?” she stumble over her words.

“Pathetic!” Gurtin yelled angrily, “You know I admired you, your strength your passion to protect your people” he turned and pointed at her, “But now, you’re nothing but a pathetic mess” he scoffed “So many inspiring speeches left those lips, but now…you stumble over your words” Idril shook her head.

“No…no! I am General Idril!” She pointed her sword at him scowling. “And I will not fall by your hand”. Gurtin smiled.

“We shall see” Idril rushed at Gurtin once again swinging her sword swiftly yet missing him by far. Gurtin replied by thrusting his sword forwards at Idril, yet she countered by knocking his sword from his hand and placed it against his neck.

“Who’s pathetic now?” Idril smiled with her victory. Gurtin still smiled smugly at her. “Why do you still smile? You have lost!” Gurtin sniggered at her. “Shut up!” She yelled out angrily, Gurtin guffawed, his laughter dark and bleak. “Enough of this!” Idril cried out, “Now I shall strike you down!” Idril pulled her sword back and swung it at his neck with extreme force. The sword was now merely inches from his neck.


Lightning flashed above Damion and Enelya, it had become nearly pitch black under the black ominous clouds and a bitter wind swirled around. Heavy rain fell to the ground each drop hitting like a frozen spear. Enelya stuck close to Damion, not letting him away more than two steps.

“Damion I’m scared” Enelya said nearly in tears. Damion took hold of her hand.

“It’s okay, just stay close to me” Enelya grasped his arm tightly cuddling close to him. Tall pure white buildings loomed over the twosome; rain began to cling into the engraved patterns on the walls. A dark essence was hidden in the darkness like thick smog invisible to the naked eye. Lightning suddenly struck the ground ahead of them tearing the stone flooring out of the ground. Enelya screamed out loudly and fell to the floor. Damion fells to his knees quickly next to Enelya.

“Come on now the longer we spend here the more it’ll affect you, now come on let’s move” Damion stood and offered his hand to her. Enelya reached out her hand. All of a sudden lightning struck again, Enelya looked behind Damion and spotted a black figure flash in the darkness then disappear again as quickly as it appeared.

“Damion look out!” Enelya screamed out pointing in the distance. Damion turned unsheathing his sword ready for battle but then…silence. A sharp pain throbbed in Damion’s lower back. Enelya sat shocked and shaking. Damion coughed and fell to his knees, blood splattered over the floor and numbness slowly crept up his body. Damion reached down his back to feel a handle; he pulled it out yelping in pain and brought it in front of him. A dagger was in his hands yet something wasn’t right. Damion turned to Enelya and muttered.

“R-r-r-run Enelya” she couldn’t hear him over the rain hitting the floor she sat in shock paralyzed by fear. Her legs became jelly unable to support her own weight. A flash of lightning blinded Damion, time began to slow and blurred. A muffled sound sounded in front of him, yet the blindness denied him sight. It began to fade, two feet appear in front of him and soon legs began to materialize. Damion reached out yet the numbness reached his hands causing him to fall to the floor, his face grazing on the ground. The figure chortled.

“We meet again…Damion” Damion looked up recognising the curved nose, the figure was most definitely Tybalt. “Except this time, things won’t end so well for you” Damion groan exerting pressure to try and stand, he managed to climb to his knees standing up straight; however his balance was far from perfect.

“I-I-I” Damion stuttered, Tybalt pressed his foot to Damion’s chest thrusting him into the ground. A loud cracked echoed as the stone beneath him fractured under the impact. The numbness protected Damion from the pain he should have endured.

“What a pity, I wanted to hear you groan. But no matter I guess dead is dead all the same” Tybalt lifted his foot once again and positioned the aim for his head. Then suddenly he thrusted down.

“No!” Enelya yelled out. Tybalt stopped a mere centimetre from his face and looked down to Enelya.

“Oh and what is this pretty thing?” Enelya trembled in fear. Tybalt kneeled down to Enelya and placed his index finger and thumb on her chin. He began to study her.

“Such a pretty face, what are you doing with this delinquent?” Enelya didn’t reply and turned away. Tybalt grasped her face pulling it back to his. She began to scowl and spat in his face. Tyblat stood and wiped the spit from his face.  “Hmm, a feisty one” Tybalt pulled Enelya up to her feet lifting her off the ground. “But you know what they say” Tybalt slammed her back against the wall, the building fracturing. He dropped her to the ground and smiled. “All wild things can be tamed”

“L-l-leave her alone” Tybalt’s grin diminished at the sound of Damion’s voice. He turned to see him standing unsteadily, his fists clenched and anger in his eyes.

“But…I poisoned you…You should be paralyzed!” Tybalt yelled angrily. Damion chuckled aggravating him more.

“You forget Tybalt…” Damion tensed up shaking away the effects. “I am not the same!” Damion landed a right hook on Tybalt’s knocking him through the building wall. Tybalt groaned.

“Damn it boy you’re…you’re”

“I’m a monster!” Damion rushed at him, yet Tybalt climbed to his feet kicking him swiftly in the chest sending him hurtling backwards. Damion collided with a pillar, as he opened his eyes he spotted Tybalt’s fist lunging at him. Damion ducked causing Tybalt to collide into the pillar, yet his hand carried on going through without damaging the pillar. Damion grabbed hold of Tybalt’s head and pounded it against the stone pillar shattering it; the debris fell upon Tybalt leaving him with small wounds. Tybalt groaned and climbed to his feet unsteadily, he turned to Damion short of breath.

“For such you young boy” Tybalt chuckled. “You’re a huge pain in the a*s” Damion didn’t reply and just glared angrily at Tybalt. Tybalt held his smile and clenched his fists, “Ready for round two…little boy?” Damion rushed at him grasping his shirt and lifted him off the ground. Tybalt however remained unphased by it and landed his foot in Damion’s chest launching him backwards. Tybalt rushed past him before he landed and struck a right hook in the back of Damion’s head launching him upwards to the sky. Whilst in mid-air Damion unsheathed his sword, sparks jolted off the metal blade as he did so. He landed on his feet sword ready for battle; he rushed at Tybalt and slashed his sword aiming for the chest. Yet Tybalt was ready, Tybalt unsheathed a sabre hiding under his cloak and blocked Damion’s attack, knocking his sword out of his hand. Tybalt smirked and struck Damion in the stomach with his fist knocking him backwards to the ground. Damion sat up coughing up blood, the red liquor dropped to the floor staining the white stone floor.  “Don’t you see boy? When you fool around with the adults, the only thing you will feel…” Tybalt rushed forward and slammed his foot onto Damion’s chest pummelling him to the floor “Is pain…” Tybalt gently run his sabre down onto Damion’s chest, “And defeat” Tybalt turned his head to Enelya, she shivered whilst tears filled her fear struck eyes. “Do you have any last words, before I send you into the ever…lasting…darkness?” Tybalt spoke slowly, his deep voice menacing and villainous. Damion looked over to Enelya and winked subtly.

“Yes” Damion choked, blood spilled from his mouth. “Go to hell!” an arrow suddenly struck Tybalt in the back knocking him forwards slightly. Tybalt turned to see Enelya wielding her bow with an arrow ready to fire; she released her grip and fired the arrowed at Tybalt. Tybalt acted quickly and caught the arrow in his hand and snapped it. He rushed up to her using his superhuman speed and grasped her neck lifting up from the ground.

“You filthy heathen” Tybalt tightened his grip on her neck, “Did you really think that would kill me?” Enelya’s neck began to flush red and was becoming sore. “Well… did you?!”

“N-no” Enelya spluttered, Tyblat laughed manically and tightened his gripped further and began to choke her.

“I’m sure this will however” Damion shouted from behind Tybalt, he thrust his sword through the back of Tybalt’s neck and forced him to the ground impaling the stone. Tybalt choked trying to regain his breath.

“You…you really think this can kill me, little boy?” he chortled weakly. Damion walked around him and grasped hold of his sword.

“No, but this will!” Damion yelled and yanked the sword out of his neck sideways, leaving a bloodied gash. Tybalt grasped hold of his wound and shivered in sheer pain.

“How…how could I lose?” he rasped. Damion knelt down to Tybalt.

“Because now, I’m starting to get really pissed off” Tybalt fell to the ground, blood seeped out of his neck and stained the pure white stone beneath them. Damion approached Enelya and offered her his hand, she forced a smile. He pulled her up offering stability; she began to rub her neck yet pulled her hand away and winced.

“Don’t touch it, it’ll only hurt more” Enelya nodded, “Now come on we’re running behind time” she grabbed her bow and the twosome left Elkenvine heading to the broken river.


Meanwhile moments earlier:

“No…no! I am General Idril!” She pointed her sword at him scowling. “And I will not fall by your hand”. Gurtin smiled.

“We shall see” Idril rushed at Gurtin once again swinging her sword swiftly yet missing him by far. Gurtin replied by thrusting his sword forwards at Idril, yet she countered by knocking his sword from his hand and placed it against his neck.

“Who’s pathetic now?” Idril smiled with her victory. Gurtin still smiled smugly at her. “Why do you still smile? You have lost!” Gurtin sniggered at her. “Shut up!” She yelled out angrily, Gurtin guffawed, his laughter dark and bleak. “Enough of this!” Idril cried out, “Now I shall strike you down!” Idril pulled her sword back and swung it at his neck with extreme force. The sword was now merely inches from his neck.

Suddenly a blinding flash of sparks exploded from her sword, Idril shielded her eyes with her arm yet the vicious light penetrated her attempt leaving her vision distorted. Slience lay upon the group until Gurtin began chuckle menacingly growing louder and louder. He began to laugh manically his voice resembling that off a madman. Idril’s eyes widened in horror as her vision regained itself. Gurtin had a firm grasp on Idril’s sword, his hand resembled nothing more than a scratch upon it.

“H-how?” Idril’s voice became lacking morale and confidence. Gurtin clenched his hand tight shattering the blade within it. Idril pulled away, eye’s still wide with blinding fear.

“Impressive isn’t it” Gurtin spoke with a cocky attitude. “Nothing more than a slight twitch of my hand and I shattered your defences” Gurtin looked to his hand. “Funny, all these years I knew I was stronger than you yet…every time I lost” he paused and clenched his hand into a fist, “I still felt jealous of you, I still felt anger, hate…rage!” Gurtion looked up to Idril, his face filled with anger. “Then that boy showed up to ruin everything!” he chuckled, “If Tybalt fails, I swear to you I will finish him myself”

“No!” Idril rushed at him yet Gurtin struck her with his fist knocking her to the floor.

“Silence!” Gurtin picked approached his sword and picked it up wiping off the wet soil. “Now, to finish you” Gurtin pointed his sword at her face. “Now you see many of my…colleagues might I say would grant the right to those pitiful last words” Gurtin pull his sword back readying it. “Yet I rather that they rot in hell regretting the words that could have been”

“Please, please have mercy on me” Idril cried out tearfully. Gurtin smiled grimly and struck his sword into her neck, she yelled out in sheer pain holding onto the blade. Gurtin pulled it out slightly slicing her hands. Her tears fused with her blood clotting it on her face. Gurtin placed his foot upon her face and kicked her to the floor.

He turned and looked to the group,

“Your leader has lost, now you all know the elvish code” His licked the blood from his blade. “You belong to me now, anyone with an objection will be killed…you understand me?”

“Yes General Gurtin” Gurtin scowled at them.

“Yes General Gurtin what?” The group looked between themselves confused. Gurtin sighed, “Yes General Gurtin Sir!” he yelled at them.

“Yes General Gurtin Sir!” the group shouted in unison, Gurtin smiled evilly.

“Now that’s more like it, now” he pointed towards Ralis, “We march!” The group followed behind their new leader.

“Good work Gurtin, now bring them to me and we will destroy that boy!” a voice spoke within Gurtin’s head.

Gurtin smirked,

“Well well Tybalt, seems like more for me” he spoke evilly.


Damion stood puzzled looking down into the large crevice, scratching the back of his head. He looked up to the sky, the sun was setting now, and the amber glow that used to comfort him was now a warning that he was late, very late.

“Damn, we’re really behind Enelya” Enelya look over to him puzzled herself.

“I know I just don’t understand it” she spoke confused.

“I know I don’t get it either” he replied.

“No not that, I get that, I just don’t understand why the tree isn’t still here” Damion looked over to Enelya and shrugged.

“Remind me why is this called the broken river again?” Enelya sighed and looked at Damion with an annoyed flare in her eyes.

“It’s a broken river because water used to flow through here yet due to the ground breaking up elsewhere it doesn’t flow through here anymore thus being called the broken river… got that?” Damion smiled and nodded politely.

“Uh…yeah I get it now” Enelya eyed him suspiciously.

“You still don’t get it do you”

“Nope not one bit” Enleya sighed again.

“Whatever we don’t have time we need to find a way over here” Damion crossed his arms ad began to think.

“Well I still think…” Damion started yet stopped when Enelya glared at him.

“If you suggest we climb all the way down and back up the other side again I swear I will kick you into it” Damion put his hands to her and backed away.

“Ok ok” he chuckled “But we can’t wait around for too much longer, isn’t there a way around it?”

“Well there is, but if the plan is anything to go by it will compromise our position and we’ll end up exactly where Idril is”


“Turn back Damion, turn back” his mother voice sounded in his head, he shook his head trying to diminish the noise. Damion looked out across the crevice and eyed up the other sides wall. He noticed it was very rough and offered easy climbing material. Damion smiled and looked at Enelya. “Ok Enelya, you have to trust me” Enelya raised an eyebrow to Damion.

“What are you going to do Damion?” Damion smirked.

“This” Damion took a few steps back and rushed to the edge jumping off.

“Damion!” Enelya ran to the edge to attempt to pull him back but it was too late. She watched as he fell what seemed to be meters to her until he reached the other side and grasped onto the jagged wall. Damion kept completely still for a second, he took deep breaths in and out. Enelya watched him nervously and feeling uneasy. Suddenly Damion breathed out quickly and began to climb the wall making quick headway up to the top. He eventually reached the top and clambered over hugging the ground. Enelya sighed with relief and shouted over to him.

“You idiot!” Damion sat up and looked over to her.

“Hey, I survived didn’t I?” Enelya chuckled slightly.

“That doesn’t stop you from being an idiot” Damion beamed a smile at her and beckoned her.

“Come on, it’s your turn” the colour suddenly flushed form Enelya’s face, it had suddenly dawned on her that this was the only way.

“I don’t think I can” she looked over the edge and pulled back quickly. “Scratch that I know I can’t, I know I can’t!” she yelled over to him. Damion pondered how he should reply to her.

“You have to Enelya, for your people” Enelya scowled slightly.

“I knew you’d use that against me” she replied angrily. She looked over the edge again for a few seconds and looked back over to Damion.

“Come on we need to hurry” Enelya clenched her fist and walked back about 2 meters.

“If I die Damion, I will be promise you I will become your personal ghost” Damion chuckled.

“I look forward to it” Enelya breathed in and out slowly then more quickly. She suddenly darted towards the edge and jumped out into the crevice.  He rapidly began to approach the other side and grabbed on yet only with one hand. Damion looked down to see Enelya dangling from her one hand struggling to pull herself up to grip on the other.  “Come on Enelya, you need to do this for your people” Enelya strained herself reaching up slowly, until finally she grasped on. Her breathing became shallow, Damion smiled at her. “Well done now come on up here”

Enelya looked up and smiled back at him, she reached out to the grab the next rock then the next. Eventually reaching the top she climbed onto her back feeling in shock and pain. She looked down to her hands, they were grazed all over and dirt lay within her wounds. Damion knelt next to her and helped her up. “Well done Enelya” Enelya laughed quietly yet looked sternly at Damion.

“If you ever pull another stunt like that again Damion I swear I will kill you” Damion offered out his hand to help her up.

“I’m sure you will” Damion helped her up and looked out into the distance. He looked out across the plains and into the horizon. “Is that what I think it is?”

“Yeah, the Wall of Ralis” Damion looked out as far as he could to each side.

“I saw this from the forest with Rose yet…” Enelya looked at Damion concerned.

“Yet?” Damion smiled.

“Yet it is so much more impressive from here” Damion studied the landscape carefully, the smile faded fomr his face.

“What’s wrong?” Enelya asked.

“I don’t see her, she told me when I got here I should be able to see her”

“Who? Idril?” Damion nodded.

“Yeah, but I can’t see her anywhere” Enelya placed her hand on his shoulder and looked inot his eyes.

“I’m sure this is all part of the plan Damion, and after all we are late” Damion jumped slightly.

“That’s right we are, quickly come with me” Damion dragged Enelya out into the plains and headed towards Ralis. 

© 2012 Forgotten

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A action pack chapter. I like the battle scene. I like the description of thoughts and the desire of Damion to keep fighting. No weakness in the excellent chapter.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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