Those Guys

Those Guys

A Story by Franklyn Thomas Jr.

A Fun Tale Of Friends.


   “I never would have purchased this house if I’d known that all that stuff would have happened.” Thomas said as he tipped his drink back.

Sitting across from him Smith put down his beer, swallowed his mouth full, looked at Thomas with a confused look on his face, pulled his chair in closer to the table and leaned in so he could be heard over the music that was playing in the bar. With the smell of lager on his breath he asked. “What’s wrong with your house Thomas it’s beautiful, and you got it for a good deal? Now that apartment you lived in before you got this place was a real dump.”

   “Yes it was!” Dray added as he overheard that last part of what Smith was saying. “Why you guys talking about Thomas’s old place A.K.A his den of despair? Now that house you have now is something.”

   “Well, can you believe he’s sorry he purchased that great house?” Smith filled Dray in on Thomas’s dilemma.

   “You guys don’t understand. There is something strangely wrong with that place, but I can’t put my finger on it. Nothing goes right for me there, and for a new house too many things have gone wrong. For example my girlfriend said she was going to help me move. On the day we started moving in everything was going as planned, we were even ahead of schedule.”

   “Well so far it sounds like things were working out for you.” Dray interrupted to add. “Why are you complaining?”

   “If you let me finish I’ll tell you. Anyway where was I?” Thomas asked. 

   “You guys were ahead of schedule and then?” Smith says helping Thomas recap.

   “Yeah then it got ugly. So here we are in the kitchen un-packing some of the kitchen boxes. Next thing I know I hear what sounded like an unhappy female voice.”

   “What is this?  I thought you threw this out?”

   “Oh boy what did she find; was it your dirty magazines?” A strangely happy Dray asked almost laughing as the words passed his lips.

   “Can’t be those he gave them to me.” Jay from nowhere finally joins the conversation. “He gave them to me the second time she found them.”

   “Yeah, by the way I’m going to need those back.”

   “Not a chance Thomas their in a better place; they are somewhere they’re loved and appreciated.” Jay replied not taking his eyes off the cute girl on the other side of the bar.  

   “So what was it?” Smith continued to inquire.

   “Letters, she found old letters from one of my old girlfriends that I could have sworn I threw away. Not to mention all the problems with just the house.”

   “What kind of problems are there with the house?” Jay asked as he went to take another sip from his drink not taking his eyes off the prize.

   “Well for starters the water is never hot enough for me, and I love hot showers. Then there are the lights that seem to turn on and off all by themselves late at night.  And I swear sometimes I hear voices and footsteps on other nights.”

   “Well what happened with you and Stacy?” Asked Dray with concern.

   “Well after hours of explaining she called me some chosen names, threw some letters and left. I’ve been trying to call her for weeks now, but she’s not taking any of my calls.”

   “Well I didn’t like her very much anyway, can’t say I’m not happy to see her gone.” Jay said pouring himself another drink. 

   “I’ll be right back.” Thomas made his way to the bar where the cute girl Jay had been eyeballing all night was.

   “What is he doing?”

   “He’s being Thomas, Jay you know him.” Dray said pouring himself a drink.

Smith then started questioning the others. “I thought he would recognize your hand writing Dray.”

   “I had a girl write the letters. “

   “Jay, how long did you set the lights and DVD to run for?” Smith asked annoyed.

   “I’m sorry I forgot.” Jay replayed, then added.  “Smith, what about the hot water?”

   “Shut up here he comes.”

   “Jay, this is Kate and she has been watching you watch her all night. Smith, Dray these are her friends. Smith, by the way can I stay with you for a couple days?”

   “Why Thomas I thought you love your place?”

Yeah he said as he finished his last drink smiling.

   “That’s why tomorrow I’m setting it on fire.”

© 2017 Franklyn Thomas Jr.

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I love this. Nicely

Posted 11 Months Ago

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1 Review
Added on October 1, 2017
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Franklyn Thomas Jr.
Franklyn Thomas Jr.

Orlando , FL

   In my mind are words with lives of their own and for them to live others must be allowed to read them and give the words a chance to live in the minds and the imagination of those wh.. more..