Completely Burnt.

Completely Burnt.

A Poem by CinderBows

An Assignment I Did For School Based On The Second World War. I Chose To Branch Into The Holocaust Area, So I Portrayed Onto Paper The Images That Come Into My Head When I Think Of That Time.


Take a light

Switch it off.

Observe as individuals,

then groups,


the planet is swallowed up by a sinister dark.

A stop in time,

A burnt fleck of sand,

amid an ominous sea of lucidity.

Floating around, asking to be recognized.

Demanding change.

For some, it is nonexistent,

their minds fresh, naïve to the taint grimness of the true world.

Like snowflakes,

Thoughts peacefully rest on the frozen frames of the present,

a sketch with smiles, and laughs dubbed.

And the hope of the future

Lives, Laughs, Loved.

Flawless Masterpiece

Locked up, in the attic

Protected from words that may infect, tarnish, and darken yet another childhood.

But a window is always left open.

And in a window, shines a light.

Like the dusty corner, solemnly eaten up and destroyed by time

True Realization.

The edge of the human soul, black.

Hardened with greed and ignorance.

But in some cases ignorance is bliss.

Then there are those, classed as an apparent non-human.

Or so they feel.

But do they?

They recognized it happened, but shun it from their mind.

Close the curtains.

Disguise the light.

Though it’s hidden, you always know it’s there.

No matter how many puppies of butterflies you think of.

Thus, what has been learned, cannot be unlearned

They keep it contained.

Restrain it.

In their pinky toe?

Perhaps in an eyelash.

They simply blink it away.

But, the more you try to tame it, the more it floods into the heart.

for their mind refuses to understand the dark outline embroidered within the soul of humanity.

It simply floats past their mind.

Like a nameless document, among the history of cased


They made a name, though it cannot be described

How? We ask


© 2010 CinderBows

Author's Note

Good thought, deep meaning, bad grammar and flow.
This was done for a school assignment, so it lacks poetic value. d:

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I thought it was very good at setting a scene -- and sticking to that scene as well. I could somewhat tell it was a school assignment even before I read that it was, because I felt you didn't feel a strong connection to the topic, you were not in the Holocaust and, although, I don't know your feeling towards it I don't think you have a strong feeling towards it, per se. You know it was awful yet cannot truly get a handle of how bad it was.

I fear I am rambleing now and attepting, badly, to juge your personaility by a poem, yes I think it's time I shut up. To finish, it's a very good poem, I quite enjoyed it and keep up the good work.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on April 29, 2010
Last Updated on May 8, 2010
Tags: death, holocaust, war, sadness, emptiness, burnt




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