A Poem by Gypsy Dreamer

Poem about the dangers of chemicals in our food, vaccines, chemtrails and more. Also about the evils who keep them in our lives.

Prayer of Awareness

I'm sitting back in a parking lot
watching people walk by
wondering if any of them
are aware of the food, shots and sky.

GMO's in our food,
sucking out our very life
While the Monsanto's of the world
take turns with the knife.

Vaccines are said to help us
help us to the grave
with Gates smiling that s**t face grin
with all the millions he's made.

Chemtrails fill our skies
our faces looking down
Keep em' busy with electronics
while we kill the clowns!

Pesticides, herbicides
bad chemicals all around
where are all the good guys?
we're voices with no sound!

They want world globalization
one ruler over all
bring strict laws to America
or depopulate and fall!

They create clans like Isis
out of demonic ashes they arose
while they smiled at the White house
stepping on all fingers and toes.

We must have the oil!
Gold and diamonds too!
Let them have America!
The rest of the world we rule!

Push blacks against cops!
make the cops paranoid
to even stop a black guy
from fear of being unemployed.

Take money from the shadows!
The ones who run the show
Keep rallying your sheep
they tend to wake up slow!

But once they're awake
Behold the wrath of man
for he will take hold
of our own begotten land!

No more poison food
from seeds of demigods
for we have saved the seeds
of our Creator the only God!

No more toxic shots
crawling in our skin
the evil will shoot themselves
then we will shoot them again.

No more spraying from jet planes
falling on our skin
the planes will fall from heaven
to hell with the bad men!

Back to the basics
bad chemicals have to go!
we have to take back our world
we need to run the show!

President Trump is a leader
he was called upon before birth
he was born to rid the evil
from our God-given Earth.

The evil will cry as victims
for reasons they know is wrong
just because the demons
keep singing satanic songs.

I yell out to Russia,
to China and to all
to help our world be better
because the evil it will fall.

So Americans honor your Father
through Jesus name I pray
to give us love and awareness
on the rest of our days.

© 2017 Gypsy Dreamer

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Added on April 25, 2017
Last Updated on April 25, 2017
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