Empty Memories

Empty Memories

A Poem by Kuteybird

Cut myself trying to cut myself out,
Rough edges,
Never could stay on or in the lines,
Messy screw up once again, Scares,
I'd love to hand you my shoes,
but life is not a track meet,
Believe me its almost done,
Fruit has an expiration date and so do I.
Pieces lay in the trash,
i'll carve away the bruises,
The rot,
The hurt,
The disappointment,
One day I may add up to sale price,
Cookie cutter people are beautiful and ignorant,
How I envy,
How to long for peace,
Not to be a piece,
Armies cause casualties,
So stop fighting?
How not to price myself for the highest bidder,
But price myself for my worth,
I cut myself trying to cut myself out once again.

© 2017 Kuteybird

Author's Note

Ignore grammar mostly just rough.

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This is brilliant. Why haven't I seen you/your work before? Was trying to find my favorite line but they all work: "Cookie cutter people are beautiful and ignorant". I described these cookie cutter-ers in detail in The Women's Club. I think you'll like it.

"I'd love to hand you my shoes,
but life is not a track meet, " Yup. Get your own.

You are a talented writer and I'm glad to have found you.

Posted 10 Months Ago

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Added on September 6, 2017
Last Updated on September 6, 2017
Tags: Selfharm, suicide, empty, cutting, Depression, anxiety



Columbia, KY

Hello, my dog and two children are my everything. I kayak, hike, spend time with friends, read, camp for fun. Writing is an outlet that started after my husband took his life 2017. more..

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