A Poem by Hiakudeath

I wrote this when it was raining and there was hail so this is for the rain and someone i love who makes me think of them when i see the rain

  • Look out the window
    Remember that day when i made that mistake?
    It was raining too
    It was also dark and cold at 9 i believe
    I wish i could go back
    To rewind time
    But thats impossible
    I cant talk to you or tell you im here
    You remember and cry
    When you told me good-bye
    I remember it because it was my last
    Living memory of you
    Your face angry
    Your deep brown eyes that bore into my soul
    You remember how i looked
    You didnt see the tears that i shed the rain camoflouged them
    You dont remember why we fought
    But know that it was something so stupid to fight about
    You remember that hug i gave you that day before
    Then after I was dead in my car
    I remember crashing and flipping my car
    But i do not remember all the physical pain
    But i remembered you all the same
    You get up and go to your car
    The sky is turning black
    Wher are you going?
    I follow
    You drive to the sight of where i made that mistake
    You stop and pull over and get out with no coat on
    Its pouring rain, a storm
    You walk to my cross on the side of the road
    You pass it and walk to the edge of the little mountain road
    I yell but its just the same
    You cant hear me
    I cry in this pouring rain
    The lightning flashes you gasp
    You saw me at last
    Yousaw me at last
    You smile now
    You fall back I go to grab you
    I touch your hand which is so soft in mine
    And pull you up
    Your like me now
    I am weeping
    You smile
    I dont
    You hug me
    I push you away
    Confussion crosses your face
    "You shouldnt have died" i yell
    You dont look surprised but indifferent
    "Why tell me why" i yell even louder now for we are both wet with the rain
    "Ilove you still" you say to me
    I hug you close
    You do the same
    So we stand out her in the pouring rain

© 2010 Hiakudeath

Author's Note

Please tell me if this needs some work so i can do better

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Added on January 10, 2010
Last Updated on January 10, 2010
Tags: Rain, love



Sacramento, CA

i am very happy but can be depressing more..