Her Point of View...

Her Point of View...

A Poem by Gigglez

A little snippet of prose about Mary Magdalene; the supposed wife of Jesus.

There I see him again,
working with all sorts
of people that flock
to Him in droves...

He looks so happy, so
carefree and almost
always laughing when
I see Him.

I know they say He is
the Son of Our Lord
but I see Him
as more than that.

He is a man,
a human just like
my brother, whom
He raised from the
Netherworld of Hades;
and just like me as well.

But He wouldn't want to be
seen with the likes of me,
a woman plagued with
demons, hellions, and imps
of seven different kinds
within her own mind.

I lurk away from the
crowd again, and again...
Following the voices only I
seem to hear as I
wander away from the crowd,
again and again.

I find myself in no where particular...
I lose myself...in no direction, but...

He found me!
Found me, this time!

I jump when I hear the sounds
of sandals coming around
the corner of my family's
little garden, filled with
hemp and silk worms.
And I just about knock over
the water pitcher when He
comes into view.

He laughs (at me! At you! say the
many voices in my mind) and I instantly start
to get mad at Him but He
soothes away my rage,
my ire with a mere smile
as He approaches.

Suddenly, I am
scared, frightened,
and dismayed but
for what reason...

I have no idea.
No thought in my head, but
His kind and loving smile
as He touches my cheek
and whispers in my ear,
seeming to dash all
those other voices but His...

"They're not real.
They're not there.
It is just your loneliness,
my love; that says they are."

He leans away and smiles down at
little lonely me again, and I
manage a smile back as I whisper:

"Will you always call me that?"

"Call you what, my love?"

"Love" I reply with
a shaky sigh,
and with a smile He
replied back:

"Love always."

And He always did call me "love"
if only around me, and no one else;
up until the day He died for us.

For me.
For you.
For Him.
For Her.

© 2013 Gigglez

Author's Note

What do you think? This came from the idea that Mary Magdalene was his wife, not just a friend. It isn't supposed to be a statement of my belief system...just a bit of prose based on bible as literature fiction. :)

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Added on April 29, 2013
Last Updated on April 29, 2013
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A Poem by Gigglez