When the Relationship Ends

When the Relationship Ends

A Story by Jlwilliams22

A short story of a relationship on its last legs.




“I hate the way Niles has been treating me, Martin” Daphne said to her brother. “I am a thirty six year old college educated, smart young woman with her own car, money, place and friends.” She continued. “I don’t deserve this.” She declared. Daphne wanted very much to let the relationship with her beau to continue but the six months of happiness they had together was a distant memory that she wanted nothing more than to forget.


“I am going to have to come to terms with the fact that he will never change and that I am going to be a childless spinster forever like Aunt Ruby.” She said in despair. “Oh God, don’t even joke about that one, Daphne.” Her brother replied. “That’s not even a good joke let alone a true testament to your future.” Martin said trying to comfort her.” I know, I know but that doesn’t change the fact that men are rude vile pigs.” “I beg your pardon little sister?” Martin said pretending to be offended. “I’m sorry; you know you are the exception to the rule.”


“Yea, but as a gay man, I know that by and large, you too are correct. Men are pigs.” He continued. “If I swore off men, would you swear them off as well?” She asked. “Oh honey, of course not. I love you but like you, I have needs that you cannot satisfy.” He said. “I hope that wasn’t offending to you but you simply can’t because it’s just gross because you know, you are my sister and, umm, there’s that issue of you being a girl.” He said with a snicker. “I feel perverted just talking about it in the hypothetical sense.”


Daphne thought for hours about how she was going to tell her boyfriend of six months that she was unhappy with the direction their relationship was heading in. Her stomach was in knots.  Daphne started to feel lightheaded but she wanted to keep her nerve, what little she had left of it, to muster up the courage to talk to Niles.


“Sis, you know what you’ve got to do so take a deep breath and make the call.” He said.  After several hours debating how she would break the news via telephone, Daphne went into her bedroom, sat at the foot of her bed, picked up the phone called her beau and stated her case as briefly as possible.


Niles, this has been a great six months, but I fear that things are heading in a direction that I am not comfortable with and, moreover, I am growing increasingly unhappy. It is for that reason, and a few others, that I am not willing to continue this relationship with you.” She said. “Please let me know what you think.” Daphne asked.


On the other end, Niles remained quiet throughout the one minute ten second conversation. When she emerged from her bedroom, Martin was biting his fingernails in anxiety. “Well, what did he say? How did he take it?” He asked curiously. “He’s not a man of many words; he didn’t have anything to say.” “You mean he said nothing? Nothing at all?” Well, kind of, it was his machine. I left him a message” “Oh, you shouldn’t have done that.” Martin replied. “I know but he’s away on business so I’ll tell him first thing tomorrow morning. “


“How will you break the news to him?” Martin asked.


“Simple.” Daphne replied. “I’ll simply walk into his office and say: “Niles, from this moment on, we’re just employer and employee.”


© 2008 Jlwilliams22

Author's Note

Speak your mind...I always do.

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Given recent events this is terrifically topical. Also, well written and funny.

Posted 9 Months Ago

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