A Poem by Khalab Darnell

sitting in history class one day and my teacher began to discuss The Holocaust, Just hearing the gruesome details of what people had to endure in such a trying time made me think, I would have died.


Such an abrupt stench bleeds through these very walls,

I am alone.

In single entry cell filled with darkness,

I am alone.

Never have I been filled with such terror,

I am alone.

A punishment so rank even the devil himself sheds a single tear,

I am alone.

With no one to comfort me nor protect,

My soul filled with sorrow from such neglect.

 I am alone.

A hell on earth nun the less,

Crammed with bodies; Soul less.

Yet I am alone.

With no escape, no rescue, no hope,

The one thing I mourn for, chain or rope.

Something to end my suffering, and ease the pain,

Yet I am still alone.

No one to hear my cries or maybe no one cares,

As one ray of sunlight beams in, such an idol stare.

Oh how I yearn for the freedom of dogs,

Instead I am entombed in this place of no dawn.

I am alone. Awaiting my time for my soul to be set free,

Reminiscing on the breeze and the trees.

 Still I wait for the conclusion of my pain,

It seems like years I've been racking my brain,

Surely death would be a relief.

Shots fired through my Christmas reef.

Look at me, delusional to the fact,

Death is not an option because my spirit lacks.

Lacks the strength need to take ones life,

Imprisoned behind bars of the mind.

I am alone.

With no one by my side,

Imprisoned simply because my religion has been deemed a crime.

My body locked away but inside I have died.

But hope, hope is what gives me the drive.

Hope is what keeps me alive,

No longer am I alone.

Driven by the thoughts and memories of home,

The will too survive and live,

Such strength that only God could give.

I do not stand alone,

For with hope my people shall find a way home.

Divided we fall but united we stand,

So much pain to push the mere spirit of a man.

I am not alone, I AM NOT ALONE!


© 2013 Khalab Darnell

Author's Note

Khalab Darnell
Personally I didn't live the the trials and struggles of the people of that time but in being human I couldn't help but to feel there pain, Dedicated to the survivors and the ones lost.

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Added on May 1, 2013
Last Updated on May 1, 2013


Khalab Darnell
Khalab Darnell

pensacola, FL

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