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About the movie and the case in real life.

A few days earlier, I saw this movie PARCHED. It was disturbing yet, a deeply moving kind of movie. The message it sent out was quite intense and very clear.
It mainly dealt with the lives of four women- a young widow and mother-in-law, a local village prostitute, a married woman and a teenage daughter-in-law- and their plights in a male dominated society. A society, where everyone believes a man can commit no sin and there's no mistake in -
1.beating a woman
2.marital rape
3.marrying off a child barely 14 and subjecting her to mature responsibilities
4. Treating a prostitute like a goat
5. Cursing a woman for not being able to bear children
6. Supressing women when they're progressing.
...and much more.
The movie numbed my senses. Not because it was directed well or had a strong script, but because it highlights the shocking and sorry state of affairs in Rajasthan. It was so brutally true.
A woman's pleas are either subdued and her desires dessicated by the men. Hence, the name parched. It's either a son, or husband, or a pimp or even the Sarpanch of the local Panchayat according to whom a girl should and will stay at her husband's house even if her husband has 'other commitments ' every night and her father-in-law and brother -in -law make advances at her.
This movie got me thinking. We all wish for a country safe for women. Well how can it be, when 17-year olds are married off and told nothing when they beat their wives or disrespect their mothers.

A man's ego does not give him the right to play with a woman's life and emotions, even if she is his own daughter or wife.

© 2016 Ehra Khan

Author's Note

Ehra Khan
I would like for you guys to watch this movie and also check out this letter written by a famous Indian celebrity to his granddaughters, in this context. I have shared the link below -

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Added on September 11, 2016
Last Updated on September 11, 2016
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Ehra Khan
Ehra Khan

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