Like Air

Like Air

A Poem by Krutika

Breathe. It feels good! Air, what do we do without you?

Her presence is like air,
unseen, but always there!

Concealed, unlike
the flaring crimson fire,
Or soothing visible water,
even though devoid of color!

Like air, she lits up embers
in the ashes
Like air, she causes whirlpools
in the dead silent sea
Like air, she doesn't aspire
to be, on top of the mountain
rather moving no-holds-barred!

She is no trophy to be sought
Or chased,
but an existence to be felt!

Her movement is music to ears
like air, just traversing it's course!

She is continuous, uncontrolled,
unfazed by lack of recognition
no one really denies her worth
The Earth knows,
Her absence is an unending vacuum
In Space!

© 2017 Krutika

Author's Note

Thanks for reading :)

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This is such a beautiful poem.

'The Earth knows,
her absence is an unending vacuum in space'.

Posted 3 Months Ago

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1 Month Ago

Thank you 😊
You have created a " picture " of air in a way that makes it almost visible. I particularly like your way of giving "air" a personality. Bearing this in mind, may I suggest that as it is air that you are describing, you replace "like air" with something more direct, such as simply "Air". This will retain the "personalised" quality of your words, but not leave the reader trying to find a comparison with something else that you haven't specified. Apart from this, it is a well written poem with some clever descriptions of the power of air on everything around us.

Posted 6 Months Ago


6 Months Ago

Thanks for the review! I really appreciate the kind words and the suggestions 😊
Well to gi.. read more

6 Months Ago

Yes, I see that I missed your intention in this poem. Now that you have explained it, the words take.. read more

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