Spring Rush Won't Be Covered Sufficiently by HGV Drivers, Agency Predicts

Spring Rush Won't Be Covered Sufficiently by HGV Drivers, Agency Predicts

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Agency Drivers network cautions there may be a shortage of Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers at Spring despite the fact that Heavy Goods Vehicle 1 driver job opportunities are available.

Less Heavy Goods Vehicle Drivers Joining the Occupation 

Not enough new drivers are responding to HGV driving jobs positions, according to the agency. Much to the network’s dismay, more experienced drivers are leaving driving as a profession. Because of the shortage chances are there won't be a adequate number of drivers to deal with marketplace demand at Spring. Here you will discover more details on Hgv Driver Jobs Uk.

Heavy Goods Vehicle Drivers Needed This Spring

A lack of HGV class drivers could cause a difficult scenario for retailers, as Spring this year is predicted to be very busy. A shortage of drivers may lead to supply chain mistakes if a company lacks a resourcing plan in place. This type of scenario can cause a decrease in profits over Spring. For this reason Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers needed for the upcoming holidays.

Study Shows One Quarter of HGV Drivers Plan to Change Profession 2023 

Figures were unveiled in the month of february this year indicating that 25 % of drivers might leave the profession by 2023. Milestone Operations completed the study, which looked into the Driver CPC training. Milestone contacted three thousand drivers in HGV jobs who worked either full or part time in Heavy Goods Vehicle Class positions. Reasons provided by drivers for wishing to leave involved an intention to change occupation or to give up work. Drivers over 61 made up 9% of the total proportion of drivers surveyed.

Huge Rush Predicted at Spring time

Spring is expected to be the most frantic since the beginning of the economic downturn according to the research company Verdict, with consumer spending totalling over £2 billion more than Spring last year and reaching a projected total of £88 billion. The actual cause of the higher spend include a baby boom, additional job generation and housing campaigns that should stimulate spending. With ‘Cyber Monday’ emerging on the 2nd December, Heavy Goods Vehicle employees have to be ready to ship out for those late online shipments on ‘Mad Monday’, 23rd December. Soon there will be more HGV driver jobs UK advertised to meet the needs of the predicted high rates of deliveries.

HGV Drivers Sought by Agency Drivers Network 

ADR Network is the leading agency provider of Heavy Goods Vehicle and LGV drivers in the UK, providing HGV jobs class 2 and HGV 1 driving jobs. Distributors and merchants in the UK are served by the ADR Network, who take pride in providing a total supply solution.

The advantages of Joining the Agency Drivers Agency

Agency Drivers cares about its workers and works to ensure they are content in their work. The company has excellent links with biggest distributors and as such can often obtain work swiftly. The driver can choose where they wish for induction to take place. Winter season work is offered to drivers by ADR.

Regular assignments and a number of other benefits are guaranteed for Heavy Goods Vehicle 1 jobs or HGV class 2 jobs drivers. Both Heavy Goods Vehicle CE jobs and Heavy Goods Vehicle C jobs are on offer. Call jobs Heavy Goods Vehicle agency Agency Drivers Network right now to find out more about job opportunities for Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers and to apply for HGV drivers jobs.

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Added on January 19, 2014
Last Updated on January 19, 2014
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