Healing wings

Healing wings

A Stage Play by L.N.

introvert lyrics for a song


Healing wings

Such a big dream with pink glasses you had

now you want to say good bye, it´s definitive end.

But still you don´t know

just before than you quick

and illusions are starting in your brain

How beautiful was the rain

How heaven had beautiful color,

but dark clouds have been enough.

You still would like to catch that moments,

your rhytm and the blues

and dancing at the night.

Fire explosions in your heart

the passion, love and sky.

Try to keep your emotions grounded

and listening quietly to your heart.

Than you will better hear yourself,

Take a breath

and continue your way.

This life is just yours

The question tests you again

How to finally choose your way?

The melody is so nice

but rhytm is different too much.

The strings are out of tune.

The time is running so fast.

This guitar doesn´t match.

You wanted to feel more love,

    then there is just sadness felt inside.

Now you definitely know,

this is not your right way.

Where would you like to be,

do you want to waste your time again?

And still to feel the same pain.

How many times have you been in your dream?

Now keep your life, just your own

and push your emotions out.

What a beautiful, pink dream

this reality was full of your tears.

under glasses you better see.

To crying for that

is better than

frustration and sadness.

Would you like to loose your focus again?

Funky music can help

jazz leads to the peace.

Let it go, that sadness.

Fix your broken wings,

thanks the love still exists.

Look at heaven right now

the sun is shining again,

just continue on your way.

Leave him, now it´s a chance.

He”ll never disappear.

Just take what he gave

and leave him on his own way.

This will be your secret,

hidden part of you

that never disappears.

The lovers are like stars

and cosmos never disappears.

Only clouds can wrap them.

Love is endless,

like cosmos and happiness.


© 2018 L.N.

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It is inspiring and great. I love it because its beautiful and motivating.
Great work there

Posted 1 Year Ago

very nicely written,
enjoyed your poem.
It holds some truth as well

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you for your kind review.

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2 Reviews
Added on January 3, 2018
Last Updated on January 3, 2018



Prague, Czech Republic

I am woman, who believe in positive thinking. I have started to write lyrics for a songs, because i love music, it´s given me the best energy, push my emotions out and enjoyed some unique moment.. more..