A Poem by MaceK6

A prayer to the angel of death


You who they call end
But is beginning
Their grief
Yet my cure of plague
I hold arms in prayer
Dreaming you would listen
To render me free and vague
You be my salvation
Which I dream against time
You be my life, my love
Punisher of my crime
You be the drink from Lethe
To rid me of suffocation
You be the bringer of end
Despite your divine dictation
Be the refuge of my cries
The most blessed creation
And I shall call you

In desolation and despair
Weakness from the burden of my entity
Ignore my illusive glare
For I'm enslaved by humanity
Forcing my soul to suffer guilt of smiles
Forbidden by reason of the Great
Leading me into a path of tainted miles
With mind that compulses at the thought of fate
So I reside in hopeless surrender
With no will nor power to seek immortality
For it is every fear, a darkness of untold
By uncountable history of failiure and victory
Therefore I denounce a sense of the fire
As I strictly doubt a taste of the garden
Too broken to take any step higher
Yet another day's stay is the worst punishment fallen
Hence come, and pluck me from this deamon,
That roots the dirt a chemistry slave claiming height
Not on your blackest of wings that shame with treason
The crow in a silenced moonless night
Dominating the fades of four thousand feathers
Each heavy with tortured souls of infinity's sinners
Yet the perfume of those who believed in your scythe
Braces the light to few feathers that still clutch to save hope in life
And so we stare with starry eyes at your flight above stars of reality
Without notice of eyes and tongues that multilate your body by our actuality
But I, in trembling posture, I stand alone
In greed of exile from what their minds breed
In fact, I crawl, a coward refusing any throne
Begging a grey feather inherit your spine a cradle for my prayer's seed 
To carry me where no one has gone
For no one has believed my obscure creed
Hating ones self, in flesh and in bone
Tortures the mind to resort to this pleed
So there, between hell and a heartbeat, deliver me to my sanity
Into the bottomless abyss, where the seasons have no sanctity
Force me out of existance happily
Deny my birth to reality
Sheltering me from the mere thought of horrid eternity
There, I disappear from entity
As oblivion devours me
Into the bliss of nothingness
I bow with the truest of thankfulness
So merciful, let me a chance to sense my heaven
Let me good bye and good riddence
Give me a sweet, sweet poison
To invade me till life meets treason
Although I would demean the laws of nature
And hopefully gain envy of every creature
This is my secret, I solicit to you
In prayers that will not meet saticefaction
Nor any favor would it do
For our King damns my crave of unique salvation
But at least a pain killer might emerge through
This cry of terrorising damnation

And I shall kneel again to do this dance
Whenever my stabs reach a million count
In futile hope you would steal me to trance
So no more they hear my tortured shout
Azrael, I call you
In the deepest desire
Save my essence, kill me again
With a death that does not retire
Yet lives with the termination of me
Annihilite senses and fate; nevermore I be

© 2010 MaceK6

Author's Note

I only pray that you believe in the justifications and reason behind this prayer.

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Added on May 30, 2010
Last Updated on May 30, 2010
Tags: Death, Prayer, Religion, Hell, Heaven, Despair



Toronto, Scarborough, Canada

Well, I'm a 17 year old Muslim kid who LOVES Metal music- so you can see the paradox I live through. I'm open minded, and I don't often follow anyone, but make my own philosophies which I like to writ.. more..

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