Outside The Box

Outside The Box

A Story by Outsider

"Inside the box wanting to know what its like outside the box". The way we view the world is different than one another so why let someone else tell you how you should view it.


My whole life I have lived here in this confined world. Never once seeing anything outside these dark walls. There was a time when people visited me, trying to help me reach their world. However, as much as they tried I couldn't leave. I couldn’t leave because I could see that they weren’t living in the outside world either. They were surrounded by their own set of walls.

    They just can’t see it, they just didn’t know. One by one they came and went telling me to step out when they had no idea they were in the same place I was. We are here stuck thinking inside the box. 

    But wait! No, I’m not in there with them in that box. I am outside the box! They believe I'm the one that needs to change but really I’m the only one really here. They copy and paste their ideas of one another and the world around them. They believe everything is the same and if it isn’t textbook then it's not real.

    Who wrote those books if not someone in their own box? If the sky is blue and can only be blue and never be anything else then we would have never known it wasn’t really blue. If we let the people that live in a box tell us what is outside of the box then we will never know what is truly out there. 

    Anyone can live outside the box but very few ever realize they are even in a box. This box is normal, safe, and can’t turn against you while you go with it. Outside of the box is very dangerous, unusual, and will turn on you every chance it gets. Outside the box isn’t easy and it's not always fun; but can you be free inside a box? 

    They say “true freedom comes at a price”. Yes, the people inside the box will use this to take away from others inside the box and can even take from the ones outside. However, this statement does have a lot of truth. There is a price to freedom, for those outside the box it is normally judgment and radical.

    To you outsiders I solute you. You are the true inspiring heroes of this world. Through all the judgment and pain you stayed you. You continued to explore the outside world and become a part of it. You are what we all should be!

    And to those outsiders hiding in the box, I know it's hard and I know you don't want to face the judgment of the insiders but can you truly be happy knowing there is an outside and staying in? It's your choice to come out or not and I do not blame or judge you for staying in, for I step inside the box every now and then.

    For all you insiders, most of you probably don't understand this message. You might be judging and you might be saying harsh comments about this. However, that is just showing that you refuse to even try to see the outside. It's okay, we know it can be hard but we will always welcome you.

© 2017 Outsider

Author's Note

This is my first piece I have publicly posted so if you have any tips or want to point out any grammar problems please do so. Corrections are very much appreciated! I cannot fix what I do not know.

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I LOVE this piece neat work amazingly true

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on October 4, 2017
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