Chapter 10 Assassin In the Streets

Chapter 10 Assassin In the Streets

A Chapter by Matthew Ian Herrawood W

Yous have met Centaurs and elves Now meet a Fairy... this one is a little different to what you know... just a little...


Chapter 10

Assassin in the streets


Despite the unnerving presence of the Armed Figure in the corner of the Inn’s Common room, who watched us until we retired, we all slept comfortably and soundly and when we woke the next morning, dressed, and went downstairs to meet the girls for breakfast, we found Irana Back to her normal cheerful self.

“Matt! We get to go shopping!” Amy said to me in way of greeting. I groaned Loudly as I, the first of the guys to reach the common room, came over to her.

“How light are you planning on making my pockets?” asked teasingly. Amy Pouted at me and I Laughed embracing her in a loving hug which she returned before slipping her hand into mine pulling me toward the table we had sat at the previous night Irana was sitting with her back to the wall like the previous night. Emily again sat with her back to the rest of the room. Amy slid into Place next to Irana but as I went to slide in next to Amy Irana Stopped  me indicateing a spot next to Emily and, as Ryan and Daniel joined us, she indicated for Ryan to sit on the other side of Emily and got Daniel to sit in her spot while she sat on the other side of Amy. When we were all seated I asked a simple question.


“Don’t turn around” Daniel said. Of course I immediately had the urge to do so but resisted. I also noticed Ryan twitch slightly as if he had been about to do the same thing. Irana mad a small gesture stopping Daniel from continuing then explained

“We are still being watched by ‘our Friend’ who seems to favour the corner by the door” Irana said this seating is ideal for the situation I can watch and rise quickly if need be Amy is hidden in shadow and can more easily disappear without anyone noticing her turning invisible You three being the other more fight orientated can rise and turn quickly if conflict should arise and Daniel has more time to prepare as he is the most out of harms way” I thought about it a moment and it made sense.

“Can’t we do something about it?” Ryan his hand twitched toward his sword hilt Irana noticed the action and shook her head.

“No. I would rather avoid a direct confrontation especially indoors. If we must fight I would rather do it outside.”

“Then why sit us like this?” He argued

“as a precaution Jumbo Dumbo” Amy said before Irana could give her answer. She nodded anyway.

“if we fight I want it outside but I have seated us like this incase they start a conflict now, in here” there is something we could try though”

“What?” Emily and I asked at the same time. Emily smiled at me

“Snap!” she told me punching me in the shoulder. The teenage serving girl that had served us our meal and drinks the night before came over with four Bowls of oats placing them on the table in front of Daniel, Ryan Irana and I before returning behind the bar presumably to get two more bowls. I pushed my bowl over to Amy content to wait But Irana stopped Amy’s hand and pushed it back to me.

“Again Matt your actions do you credit but here you were served first for a reason. Though most of Germo is different, in Kasara Men are above the women I was only served at the same time because I am the adult and so seen as equal to you men.” “So, it’s about hierarchy and status” I said as the serving girl returned with Amy and Emily’s bowl of oats. Irana simply nodded as the girl also placed two plates of toast on the table. As she went to move away Irana caught her hand.

“wait child” The girl paused as Irana Pushed some coins into her hand “Please get your patron in that corner a drink” she said nodding her head in his direction. The Girl curtsied and made to move off but again Irana stopped her “be sure to tell him it’s from us” she said. The girl bobbed again and moved away. “That, in answer to your question Matt, Emily, is what we can do about ‘our friend’ in the corner”

“What we buy them a drink?” Ryan said incredulously.

“I think I understand” I said

“Well by all means explain” Ryan said “because I certainly don’t”

“by buying them a drink we have let them know we are aware of their presence and, most likely, that they are watching us” I looked at Irana for confirmation I was correct.

“But that’s not all” she said nodding. “they now will have to react in some way so I will watch. They may approach, they may not but their actions may give us some clue as to their intentions or identity. Here we go” Irana said then went quite watching over my shoulder “Matt, Ryan turn around now!” Irana said urgently after a moment. I did so finally able to give in to the temptation to turn and look. The patron had stood and taken a few steps toward us and into the light and I could now clearly see it was a man in fur Armour and the sword he carried looked like an Albion Agincourt B*****d Sword. He stood there staring at us eyes boring into us. The serving girl sensed the tension and quickly retreated behind the bar and through a door into what I guessed was the kitchen. After a few more moments the Man simply turned and left. I Immediately relaxed and realised Ryan and I had both instinctively grabbed the hilt of our own swords when we had turned and stood. I let my hand drop and then sat back down grabbing a piece of toast.

“So, what did his reaction tell you Irana?” Ryan asked

“That he did not want us to know he was there or watching” she replied “and that he almost undoubtedly is not a friend who will make a move soon. But by the way he was watching us I doubt he will simply leave us alone.”

“Take these” Irana Said handing us each a Hooded Cloak and bow string. Breakfast had passed in peace after the Mysterious man had left and as we headed further into the city Irana had stopped every now and then and gone into a shop.

“we have unlimited spares why did you get these” Daniel asked holding up his string

“As I advised you, you have all left your bows strung. While good in case of unexpected conflict it weakens the string and the string could snap at an inopportune time”

“And you would be dead” Amy told him as if it was obvious Though I knew this was the first she had heard of it).

“You would be too” Daniel told her but Amy was shaking her head

“No, it’s your job to save me at risk of life and limb!” Ryan’s next question stopped any retort Daniel may have made

“So you got us one String? What will that do?”

“This string is different” Irana said it will never break or weaken, it’s been enchanted not to” Irana paused for a moment then continued with a new urgency to her voice “Follow me, quickly now!” and moved off at a startling pace. She Wound her way through the crowed her pace never slowing but also never rising above a speed that would betray the urgency we had heard in her voice moments before. Irana turned left and right and kept us moving through many busy streets smaller side streets and even the odd alley. Eventually she stopped and looked around. We had stopped in Alley that was wider than most and we were able to walk three of us shoulder to shoulder but it was also cut off from view of the main street “what’s this about Irana?” Daniel asked.

“We are being followed by a Fairy” she said as if that explained everything.

“So we are being followed by a small girl with wings” Ryan said “so what?” Irana frowned.

“I only noticed the fairy” she said.

“In our world, a Fairy is a small, Kind Person, with wings… Usually portrayed as female.” Amy told Irana. “What’s a fairy here?” Irana’s face cleared as she understood Amy’s explanation, but her frown returned as she began to describe a real fairy.

“In this world, a fairy is a dangerous creature. People are terrified of them with good reason. They don’t have wings but they don’t need them. Their legs are always partially bent so they walk with a natural spring in their step. They are lightning fast and when you fight them they are deadly They have long sharp claws, grey skin, and they will eat skin and raw meat as a preference but drink only Blood. They kill for pleasure or Money Usually devouring their victims and…” Irana paused for a moment took a deep breath and continued “…They have pointed ears like an elf and some believe they once were elves that decided to live like the animals eating only meat that was raw. But it warped them into these evil beings… Put those cloaks on” we all wrapped the cloaks round our shoulders except Daniel who struggled and had to be helped by Emily. Once clasped around our Necks Irana looked at us and nodded grimly “Use the hoods to shadow and hide your face then be ready to fight” like I was one with the others I pulled the hood up and far over my head activating my pendant then drew my sword and instinctively stood partially in front of Amy. Irana nodded again and turned to face the direction we had come drawing two arrows from her quiver and holding them again like daggers. After a few moments of silence the fairy rounded the corner and came into view. It was exactly as Irana Had described with grey skin and pointed ears long sharp at the end of each finger with partially bent legs. With the legs bent as they were it was a little shorter than us all but I had no doubt if it had its legs straight it would have been about as tall as Daniel. It looked at Irana. And evil glint entered its eye and a blue tongue licked its grey lips. That was all the warning we got before it bounded forward toward Irana but before it reached her it jumped at the wall it reached such height that when it planted its foot to push off from the wall its feet were both higher than Irana’s head. It pushed off and spun sending a foot at Irana’s head whish she barely ducked as it landed Between Irana and us five. Immediately I stepped forward swinging my hand and a half sword in a powerful two handed blow its claws flashed up and blocked my sword and suddenly it other hand was coming at my stomach claws bent to create one point. I Flicked my wrist to deflect the blow with my sword but I knew it was too late. I couldn’t get out the way and my despite being fast the Fairy was faster. Suddenly its hand jerked to a stop. Irana had used the Arrow head and slipped it over The Fairy’s head and between his fingers using the head to Hook his fingers and stop the Forward motion. It turned hissing at Irana and swung its other hand. Irana Cried and dropped as the claw gouged her leg but before it could turn back to us Emily stepped forward

“Hey” she said causing the fairy to turn Then as shock covered its face Emily threw her fist forward into its nose send the fairy back a few meters. It stumbled up, Blood Flowing fast and free from its nose, as I walked forward it hissed ad me

“you are wanted dead and I will collect” then it bounded away. I went to follow but Emily put a hand on my shoulder stopping me

“Let’s get Irana to safety then we can figure out what to do next.”

© 2017 Matthew Ian Herrawood W

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