A Poem by Mistral Bilgera

in Dire need of one.


How did you feel as you stared

on rainbows infinite

after the downpour?

How did you feel as you heard

your mother's voice

after a loud thunderclap?

How did you feel as you smelled

the hyacinths in the garden

after the musty winter?

How did you feel as you tasted

your lover's sweet lips

after the fight?

How did you feel as you touched

the soft beddings of home

after a rough journey?

How did you measure hope

in ways that are small,

they are big?

How would you forgive

your mistakes

that you may heal?

How would you shun comfort

and love

that you may be strong?

How would you embrace loss

for now

and for long?

© 2009 Mistral Bilgera

Author's Note

Mistral Bilgera
need one.

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This poem is lovely. I read it over a few times and I can recall all my feelings that you are asking about in this poem.
I know that when I am away from home for a long time I dream of the comfort of my bed and the familiar surrounds of my home. There is a special feeling one gets when they finally setting into their own comforting bed.
Great poem. I will read again...

Posted 6 Years Ago

Those things that bring us comfort, a small rebirth following some death, are eloquently portrayed here as well as a warning. Though small, comfort holds off a multitude of demons.
Well said, great poem.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on September 29, 2009
Last Updated on September 29, 2009


Mistral Bilgera
Mistral Bilgera

Ciudad de Paradiso, Philippines

Was planning to go back to writing soon. more..