Run And Die Spider!

Run And Die Spider!

A Story by Mehameha

Story Of A Bored 8 Year Old


When I was a child I was quite active and I always wanted to see, " what happened if I did this?" Several times it involved insects or spiders as my father was an entomologist. We had a basement which was not finished but spiders used to get behind things and build there little tunnel webs. I always hated spiders and never knew why until much later in my life. So as a child I use to kill as many as I could, or just torture them. It was better revenge and in my twisted little boy mind and they deserved it for just being so creepy.


One day I was in the basement and I could see their little tunnel webs behind the rack that we used to put all our games on. There where stacks of games like Monopoly, Easy Money. Trouble, Battleship, Chinese Checkers,  and Backgammon. We had our best games, Mouse Trap, and Operation on the top shelf as they were the most fun. It wasn't the games I wanted to play that day. It was a new game I called "Run and Die, Spider!!" That sounded much more fun.


I liked kitchen matches and I thought, what if I burned their web and they got a little singed. Would I get the pleasure to hear their little spider screams as they hobbled away on 4 good legs out of eight and a couple of seared eyes of the many they have? They would survive they had extra of everything. So I struck my first match and threw it on the web. No problem the web flashed for a moment and the spider got away unharmed it appeared. Not the result I wanted but sorta fun.


So I grabbed another match this time making sure it landed closer to the tunnel where that spider was crouched deep within. Again the web flared nicely but this time I got guaranteed results. The spider came out, but it was limping and eventually it slunk away under a pile of boxes. I knew that one was in pain. Good "Run and Die, Spider!!" Game score - Spider 1 Me 1.


Not being satisfied with a tie score, I looked for another web. And there it was the granddaddy of all webs with a monster sized spider crouched down. OK, I had to plan this one because I was only going to get one chance here. I got my stance. I figured all the angles. It was sort of in a good spot for a spider but a bad spot for me.


The web was large and it was attached to the Candy Land game on the bottom of the stack. As we got older somehow Candy Land and Shoots and Ladders seemed like baby games so they probably haven't moved in several years. I struck the match and made the perfect toss. The web went up in a giant burst and the spider ran like crazy. "Run and Die, Spider" Ha! Ha!


I don't know if he got burnt or singed or died or what, because I was no longer focused on that part of the playing field. What caught my eye was the immense flames now climbing up the Candy Land game working its way very quickly to the Chutes and Ladders, then Chinese Checkers. Now Monopoly and Easy Money were totally engulfed. Then Battleship, oh no! Not my Mouse Trap game. No, No, No, This can't be happening!


I was just about eight and my whole life was burning up before me. It was out of control now and I was the one ironically running away screaming.


I managed to get the fire out with a bucket of water from the laundry sink but now I knew I was in big trouble. All the games were burnt and wet. There was a thick layer of smoke across the ceiling of the room and the worst part was I had a very large angry spider lurking somewhere.


I decided to end the game and leave the playing field. Sure I had to suffer the penalties of my father's board of inquiry and sit in the penalty box for the next week. Also all my allowance was used to buy a new rack and new games, for the next 6 months.


So I suppose the game of "Run and Die, Spider" was never decided. No rematch was ever held. Game Score forever in the history book: Spiders 1, Me 1, game cancelled in the third quarter due to...... "complications."

© 2016 Mehameha

Author's Note

True story. Boys will be boys.

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This was a very interesting story. You felt the same way about spiders as I do snakes. It's a refreshing read with an ending the reader could predict but enjoyable all the more because of that. Your climax was very well written, especially the line about father's board of inquiry (every child's fear).

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thanks for reading and commenting. Sometimes life can be crazier than any fiction I could have writt.. read more
Perhaps the game was cancelled due to karma? Either way, you have a way with words that compelled me to read this twisted little story to the end.
And spiders really are quite gross.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you for reading and reviewing. Still hate those creepy things. No fan of anything that bites o.. read more
I also hate spiders . . . living in the country, they can take over pretty quickly. Even tho I hate spiders, I would never have the courage to write something as honest as this. I admire your ability to dig deep into your little boy heart & memories, to show us exactly what it felt like from your viewpoint, without doing anything to make this message "politically correct." I admit, I could feel the inferno coming before it happened, but it's still great storytelling & pacing to get to the grand finale. Nice balance of actions & feelings.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you for reading and reviewing this. I felt quite the fool afterwards. When I was Two a banana .. read more

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