A Poem by Mehta

depression is cause to sufferance of life time. It is a livivng part of life to let it remain by your thoughts


                 Depression is a cause all root of evils,
           Depresssion is losing hopes from your ecstatic life.
         Depression is when my heart is broken ,
       Depression is drenched in pain of  life to be confronted.
     Depression is fall in with man , but knowing to confess him and show your gratitude.
    Depression is not self- reliant but a despondent tendency to be loved or not to be loved,
  Depreesion is when i look at friends , contemplate about their life and crying to be tem.
 At, that point of time i over laid myself and say ''I am culpable to be found guily of my life '',
  Depression is when you look at yourself with darker eyes in mirror , feeling intently restless.
 Depression is when you have been meloncholic to be fitted in the palms of your beloved hand's,
 Depression i am churning , but knowing to live with it and take in.
 Depression getting raped by four man but knowing to fight back,
 Depression is indulge in your thoughts with water of sadness in your eyes , end your life by committing suicide.
  Depression is when my heart is as heavier as a box filled with objects in it, but wrap up myself with shame,
 Depression is unhappiness to life and letting yourself jumped into the red river of blood.
Depression is a war of thoughts do ro die by crying around with all your heart out,
Depression is a innocent smile being silent, but knowing behind left with unsaid words of life.
All i say those words of longing love, anger, sadness, hopes and desires whirling inside my mind,
Depression is a weapon to all life living creatures died due to cause of unfelt happiness.

Quote said by Rumi- your depression is connected to your insolence and refusal to praise.

© 2018 Mehta

Author's Note

Hopefully all of you like my poem.

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Added on January 31, 2018
Last Updated on January 31, 2018
Tags: '' I am culprit to everything''.