A Poem by MiLk

non fictional hate


  There's not one soul on Earth that I can trust. I've been attacked by my enemies. They struck my weak spots like The CIA struck Kennedy. With fury knowing how to kill me in a hurry.


Your words misled me, and all that bullshit that you fed me really confused me, but then I realized you just had used me, I'm humiliated that I ever got affiliated. The whole time that we dated, deep down in my gut I knew that I was really hated.


 I ignored my heart the whole time that we kicked it, You pretended to be family and more than just a friend, surprisingly you turned on me and became an enemy in the end. Ruthlessly, you disrespected me, a friend for life? More like my worst f*****g enemy.


 Checkmate, you have a little girl as a pawn. F**k it then, it'll just be more pain for us as your quest to be happy just goes on.That night you cried to me and said that you cared, Everyday you lied to me and said that you really cared. It turns out you are two faced, It turns out I had been replaced. You turned valuable life in to nothing but your human waste and made your very own have a f*****g taste.


 She was just beginning to heal, and let go of the bullshit that she saw and see that love was actually real. Then you did it to her again and it didn't matter how confusing her life had already been. I’m sure you hardly see her, just like you did back then. I reminisce on your promises and how you would pretend to care about my life and be my life long friend, but it was really all about you, Out of everything you said, none of it was true.

 A life long friend but now a sworn enemy, how could I forgive for taking away all I had to live for? Why would you have done that to me, unless you were my worst f*****g enemy?  Not one apology, describe me as an animal and play like you’re afraid of me? What else should I have expected from my worst f*****g ememy?

© 2010 MiLk

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funny how time can change things. or maybe it's more like awareness can change things, or
familiarity breeds contempt?

this is really good writing. something I rather miss in this blogsyworld we live in.
Me being me, forever trying to get in the head of the writer more than the write... I have a question.
Of course you don't have to answer if you don't want, but here goes;

How could someone you love this much surprise you in such a fashion? Perhaps, as implied between the lines of this excellent piece, it took two to make the war, and the author is still basking in anger and victim-mode.

Hey brother, I've been played too.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on March 8, 2010
Last Updated on March 8, 2010
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