The Tale of Hisanna Ryume

The Tale of Hisanna Ryume

A Book by Maddi

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Author's Note

When Hisanna Ryume is found floating in a river during the great war between the Senju and Uchiha clans, more than a few questions are raised. The Ryume clan was wiped out completely, so how can she still be alive?
Tobirama Senju, second son of the head of the clan, is captivated by Hisanna and her strange abilities. He is willing to trust her even if everyone else isn't.
But in this war torn era, it's not unusual to have more than a few secrets.


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Coolio. Love Naruto. Haven't finished it all, but my sisters spoiled the ending so it's no biggie. This looks interesting. I'll finish it as soon as possible. Really not sure if i should be commenting. Oh well. Rebellious streak. Friend me if you want. Anyone who likes anime is a good ally. :) Thanks ya for putting your time into this! Appreciate it.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on November 12, 2016
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