A Poem by She murdered herself with words

Why do you keep coming back?
Why do you keep taking things from me?
Why are you trying to ruin my life?
Does it make you feel good about yourself knowing your driving a girl to madness?
Knowing that being in my life is killing me?
Your literally pushing me to the edge
We used to be so close
Why'd I have to open my eyes
Why'd you have to deceive me
Why'd you have to stab me
I tried to help you
I tried to save you from the darkness
That's what happens when you care too much
You were falling deeper into the darkness and I was going down deeper to save you
It was too late
I was already engulfed by the darkness
I was too blinded to see you weren't falling you were luring me into the darkness
me? by that time I was nothing
You made me feel like nothing
But I tried to make you feel like you were everything
I was your friend
You had so many
I tried to make friends like you too but you didn't like that you didn't like that people could like me more then you
So you took them from me so I'd always come back to you
You lied to me
You told me they didn't like me because I wasn't good enough
Told me I was messed up and weird and that I was lucky you were my friend
You had lot of friends and when the next best toy came in you wanted that one until the toy didn't want you anymore
Then you'd come crawling back to me all broken expecting me to take all your pain and handle it
You made all your mistakes my fault
It's really easy to point the finger at someone without pointing it back at yourself but I really can't point it at anyone other than you
My sin was trying to leave you that was my fault but you know what at the same time leaving you was the best thing
You even left and life was great
And then you came back and everything started over again.
It's just a repeating cycle
I plan to end it

© 2017 She murdered herself with words

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All I can say is things will work out. Obviously not with him in your life, but in a very fucked up way things will work out. When people tell you to keep your head up they really mean it, because even if you don't feel like keeping the tiara on your head you must act like it. Smile so the whole world sees your power that you have over your life.

Posted 1 Year Ago

wow i love this poem. this poem hit me hard because i have been threw all that with my soon to be ex husband

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on May 25, 2017
Last Updated on May 25, 2017


She murdered herself with words
She murdered herself with words

Vergas, MN

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