Life is like that!!!

Life is like that!!!

A Story by Monish

  I guess this is why all women call this the best time of their lives; the day when you are where you always wanted to be. The first time you are going to be his. Yes today morning was my wedding. I am waiting for my prince to melt my heart again. Oops, he is my husband now . Some things will be tough getting used to. Top of the list will be touching his feet reverently without laughing while he tries to pull a prank or two. Meet me Mrs Veena Sukhinder.  I have had my make -up and with my heavy clothes I am here waiting in the bed and where on earth is he now? Men are like that, they want you always and when you offer yourself to them on a palate, they’ll get nervous. But I don’t think my prince, oops again, he is my husband I forget, I don’t  that he is a nervous guy. He is Mr Lazy in every little thing save his air force duty. Oh yes, I am the girl who beat you all. My hubby is an air-force pilot. That’s the pride that I have in being his wife. I don’t mind losing my identity, my surname or myself for being his wife. I love him and tonight’s the start of the journey with him. He drives everything well; bikes, planes etc. I guess I am ready for the long journey with him.  I am hearing his footsteps in the corridor, my God he is near. I am nervous now. I sank my head between my knees; I do that whenever I am nervous. Last time I did that was when I was waiting for my semester results. I am thinking of unromantic things before the most amazing night I am going to have or has it already begun? I felt a touch I guess.

“Am I late madam?” I heard his voice, hubbbbbyyyy you’re here, I thought.
“ You can never be on time” I feigned anger.
“ Well today is special I guess, so I was getting prepared you know?” I couldn’t help but smile. He pressed my wrists. I guess I blushed too much. He held the part of my cheek that protruded out of my knee-tent.
I guess I need to practise more. He won. It is time to lose me. I lifted my head, I guess he saw the love in my eyes, I felt the same passion in his touch.

“I love you Mrs Veena” he said, I know this is his abracadabra when I am angry.
“No” I said “ just Mrs Sukhinder”. I couldn’t pretend more. I hugged him tight and rested in the place where I could hear his heart chant my name. Time passed like tortoise and I loved every passing second or must I say that I lived in every passing second. If this is how my future is to be, I must say “THANK YOU GOD”. Tears slipped and I had wet his shirt before I knew. He held my face in his right hand and flicked those tears with his finger. “baby I never thought that I would break my promise on the first day” he flashed a smile.
“You know how to win me don’t you?” I said to him wiping my tears and going back to his chest “these are happy tears honey”. He simply said a “Hmmm”, when he says that it means that he is in a mood to listen and do things for me. I see a chance to go for it now. “Will you do whatever I ask from you now hubby” I asked him. He put my head on the pillow and stroked my hair off my forehead.

“Yes I will” he said and planted a gentle kiss on my forehead.
This is it, go for it, my heart told. “Sukhi, you have promised me, I want to wear your uniform now, pleeeaaaaase” He fell for the trap, this was one thing I always wanted to do but this patriotic officer never allowed me to wear it.
“Hey cheater” he said “this is cheating”  and he rose in a moment and began backing off towards the cupboard to save his uniform.
 “You promised this, your wife’s first wish!” I guess the word wife worked wonders and I hope it always does. In a minute I was wearing his WHITE Mig 21 fighter pilot uniform. I kissed his name plate on the shirt. He was mine, wherever he might be.  
“Happy now?” he asked.
“Soooooooo happy “ I said and hugged him tightly.

“ Now it is my turn” he said advancing towards me and held my face.
“Yes whatever you wish for” I said “ and please don't be late” I closed my eyes and I thought that this was the time I was always dreaming of, to be in his arms day in and day out, to breathe his breath and make his fragrance my perfume. I heard a knock. I FORGOT MILK!  Aunty told that so many times. He was already attending to the door. I saw aunty crying and asking him not to do something.  He was adamant against her wish. He turned back with a pale face and it finally dawned on me, every officer’s wife’s worst nightmare.
               He gave me a briefing but I only heard the words “I have to go”. He did not even turn back to see me, this deserves a fight, my heart told. I was weeping. I wanted to cry badly so I hid my face between my knees and started to sob. I felt an all familiar touch again. I looked at who it was with my eyes. IT WAS HIM. My joy was unbound; I hugged him tightly and cried loudly.
“ You did not even turn back to see me” I punched his chest “ don’t touch me, go away” I pushed him back.
There was no emotion in his eyes, he was so cold.
“MY SHIRT Veena” he said and it finally dawned on me.
I guess life is like that, little love and lot of longing. See you prince, oops husband; fight well for your country now and your wife will live and wait to fight with you another day, my heart bade farewell.


© 2013 Monish

Author's Note

ignore grammatical blunders please.. editing is so boring

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but grammatical mistakes are more annoying:(...please edit your will sell for whatever you have written minus those petty mistyped words...good write (with exception to grammar)

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Thank you Ganga.. I'll look into it.. Thanks for readin
ganga ramesh

5 Years Ago


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