A Poem by Xxxxxx

Wrote it at a time when I felt miserable.

I hate my life,
I hate the decisions I've made in my life, 
I hate that I'm never truly happy, 
I hate that I smile during the day even though I'm drowning in my tears at night, 
I hate the relationship I'm in with the father of my child, 
I hate that I don't do nothing right in my life, 
I hate that I don't know why I was even born,  
I hate that I'm not a people person, 
I hate my total awkwardness, 
I hate the pimples and black heads on my face, hate my weight and just how skinny I am, most of all hate that I don't care about myself, 
Hate that my daughter has to have a stupid depressed mom, 
Hate that I can't sleep some nights, 
Hate having bad dreams of total evil most nights, 
Hate my childhood life and what happened 
Hate that I'm not good at anything,  
Most of all I hate that I hate me

© 2016 Xxxxxx

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the line..
"I hate that I don't know why I was even born.. "

.. is very well narrated here.

today's world's a tech-oriented or may be, a depression-oriented world where half of the people are already being indulged by some kinda... juxtaposition of bad, worst and very dark childhood of life in the name of having unforbidden past, which further makes 'em all feel so worthless, damaged, & utterly useless deep inside. and then, at some point, they start feeling like: why the hell they even born if things were never happened to be go good with 'em at all. ah... very perfectly inked. you lick yourself in very fair & fine words. it's the inner cause of your heart, the torments of pain that you're nicely licking into. nice work!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on October 23, 2016
Last Updated on October 23, 2016




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