Love's Truth

Love's Truth

A Poem by Nathan Thompson

Love’s Truth


For all of those who embark on a quest for that elusive terrible temptress Love, beware.

She will not show mercy, and has no consideration for her victims.

She is rarely kind, often cruel, and does not care on whom her she favours.


She has led those, to throw all their stake to hope, only to lose it to her snake smile.

She has driven men to war, and women to mourning.

Turned brother against brother, and sister against sister.

Father against son, and mother against daughter.


She breeds anger, jealousy, hatred and betrayal.

She can take all that is worth living, and leave you as nothing but an empty shell.

Have patience and understanding for all those caught in this spider’s web.

Have pity and companionship for those who have escaped her notice.



© 2010 Nathan Thompson

Author's Note

Nathan Thompson
This was my first ever poem. Please be nice and think of the lonely people of the world.

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leave you as nothing but an empty shell.
I would write
leave you WITH nothing...........

in this spider�s web.
Have pity and companionship for those who have escaped her notice.
(in her spiders web?)

I really enjoyed this and it certainly is a very emotional piece on the downfalls of love........
Firstly I would lay it out differently, but thats just my eye and secondly I found the end alittle
weak where as you want to punch the gut with an end to make the reader think, so you could extend it.
But your friend is right, its very publishable..........and I really enjoyed it so hope my constructive criticism is okay with you!!
A very fine moving piece my friend.

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Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on February 10, 2008
Last Updated on June 10, 2010
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