No tolerance series (chapter 1)

No tolerance series (chapter 1)

A Chapter by Nickdykstra

Absolutely wonderful to create , loved making this series all the way to the last book.


  No tolerance series

By : Nicholas Dykstra

The explosions were deafening and the vibrations felt as if the world were caving in.. the sight of smoke and dust made visibility impossible.. A odor of black powder and rust from the overbearing amount of blood... The sounds of screaming and sirens going off drowns out everything and suddenly everything becomes a blur……..

2 weeks prior

Chapter 1: - "Det.O'Donnell!" , homicide detective of division 6, "why is it everything never makes sense?" The look of ill covers his face as he sees captain Ortega enter the room."O'Donnell , I'm not happy with anything, 8 people have died in 2 days and you have nothing to show!" "Figure it out!", "Find the b******s who did this!". The spray of spit leaving his mouth was enough to show his point. "I need you to step up and do your job O'Donnell, if you don't improve I'm going to have to transfer you to another department." The fury sets in and the animosity builds as if the grand opening of a class film is about to begin. "I've worked for your department for 6 years Ortega, how can you just up and transfer me like I'm some rookie, I've been trying and can't figure out who's involved, absolutely no leads on this case just random missing personnel and a vehicle description, not very much to work with." , "well I'm putting det.fray on duty to work on this case with you so you better figure it out, I'm done having to explain to the press why I have you poking around and nothing to show, I need more O'donnell, make it happen." Slamming the door leaving Dead silence....

Detective tommy fray, sits in his smooth leather couch and pours himself a glass of vintage Bruno Giacosa wine. As the phone rings , it reads unknown name. “Hello.” Fray answers, “Tommy, it's done.” A dead dial tone fills his ear. Satisfied with what he's heard the beginning of his plan has now been put in progress. Let's the wheels start to turn he notes to himself and sips on his “liquid gold”.

Captain Ortega receives a phone call ending with a blank face followed by a fist through the drywall , “sick of this, these phone calls must stop!” He screams. He steps out and yells to the office full of personnel , “all extra staff head to the Downtown preschool, there's been a attack!”. “O’Donnel take lead on this case, find out what sick-minded freak did this to the children!” O’Donnell just nodded and ran and thought, this is the end…

The debri was awful, bodies everywhere and not even the slightest of recognition of Boy or girl, just limbs of burnt flesh. This horrific scene will bring nightmares for endless days O’Donnell thought. How could someone do this , these poor children didn't deserve this. Somethings in this world will never make sense. “Detective look out!” A late bomb goes off sending a piece of shrapnel at the head of a forensic analyst Spitting blood in a stream. The ringing from the blast is unbearable, someone's shouting but there's no response. Running toward the scream behind a roof panel is a little girl screaming “make it stop!” , “mommy where are you!”. O'Donnell quick removes the panel careful to not hurt the child, the adrenaline shoot through and quickly grabs her covering her face from the smoke. “Don't worry I'm gonna save you, everything's gonna be OK.” he promised. OK, is it OK, is everything OK or is it the beginning of the end. When O'Donnell reaches the hallway, a flash fire spits out of a window and torches the remains of once was a beam, what's left standing of the structure that once was a preschool is creaking with Such a riotous shrill that pierced every part of the ear down the spine. Please, he thought, father god help me get this child out. When he sees the fire slows the power run of adrenaline kicks in and the sound of sirens and voices are closer, safety. Nothing was more satisfying to O'Donnell then saving her life, but the horrible feeling settles of defeat of knowing only one child lived this horrid catastrophe. Revenge, he thought, I will get these sick criminals no matter what. A homicide scene controls officer approaches O'Donnell, “the child's been taken to into care, thank you, nobody expected the blast to strike and the specialist says cause of event was premeditated and terrorist-related”. Of course, O'Donnel thought , quick to make excuse for a disaster, this was no terrorist, it had executive mafia written all over, too clean he thought, in and out without a single witness to see. Inside operation written in red and revenge is what was needed and revenge will be seeked, he noted….

© 2016 Nickdykstra

Author's Note

Feedback is appreciated, thank you for reading.

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