The Forest

The Forest

A Story by NCC

The forest is calm but dangerous

How calm the forest can be in the afternoon can turn a man mad. walking down the dirt road thinking to yourself, "how many have been her before, how many have gotten lost, and how many have lost their lives"? 
looking back to my family i realize i must stay focused on the task at hand. "After we cross the bridge we only have three more miles okay hunny". listening for the response for what seems like forever. I look back to seen my wife standing there in what seems like a vagitative state. "Are you okay"? 
"Babe the bridge is out and the river is too fast to swim across". 
I look at her as if shes crazy, I know after the event everything went bad s**t crazy but there is no way that the bridge is out its so isolated no one and no thing could have destroy it. peeking out in front of me toward the bridge all I could see was a scrap heap of wood, dirt, and ash. The bridge had been destroyed by other survives. I don't say anything as we approach the bridge knowing that she is looking down on me. How could i have not know of the bridge this whole time? I've been coming down to the bridge for a while, even after the event. 
"Danny, the bridge has been destroyed for years now". "we were going towards the east to pass it at the shallowest section". 
"That's impossible I've been down to the bridge multiple time and never this, never this pile of broken, burnt wood and ash". I only think of who could have done this. The most possible answer is this group of survivors that only seeks to kill off everyone else. They are relentless and brutal. 
"Danny you've been bed ridden because of your infection". "you couldn't have been this far up, plus if we cross that bridge we only head into rebel territory". 
I feel light headed and dizzy. I look down only to see bloody and soaking bandages. As i look to my wife I begin to sob. 
"Hey whats wrong"?
"Were passed into rebel territory about thirty minutes back". 
*twig snaps in background*

© 2015 NCC

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Oh my God. That ending! Fantastic job. I wan to know more about the world you have created and would appreciate your opinion on my work. Thanks and keep up the awesome writing!

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on January 18, 2015
Last Updated on January 18, 2015
Tags: sad, apocalypse, survivor, tragedy



Bel Aire, KS

Writing is my vent of sorts. Other than letting my emotions and ideas out verbally. I love writing and hope you love mine. more..

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