A Chapter by Patient X

Life through the eyes of Snuggles.

I am tired. That's the phrase that runs on repeat through my tattered head these days. I have lived a long life. I have been many places. I have seen far too many things - recently through only one scratched eye. I feel as if I'm as old as time itself, but I have a faint memory of reading a date on my tag. I used to have a tag. Wow. That was long, long ago. I've had the pleasure and misfortune of resting in the hands of several people throughout the years. I consider myself to be quite the cultured individual. Cultured and tired.

Bobby was my first "friend". I can't remember much of my beginnings anymore, but I do remember Bobby. I don't think anyone could forget Bobby. He was a quirky little boy - always grabbing things. That must be how he came into possession of me. He was short, blond, and a little on the chunky side. His mother liked to dress him in overalls. There was usually some sort of candy in their front pocket. I distinctly remember the feel of his hands - almost always sticky. Bobby didn't care all that much for me. That's okay. I didn't care too much for him either. As a new soul, I quickly learned that the world wasn't a perfect place. One day Bobby left me behind on the grimy floor of his school bus. That's how I met Sarah...

I loved Sarah. As soon as she saw me lying there in that bus, she scooped me up and held me to her heart.

"What's a beautiful thing like you doing on the floor?"

Sarah took me home and made me a member of her family. She had many other stuffed friends. She gave each and every one of us every ounce of her love. Bless her heart. Sarah also gave me my first name. I've been called many things throughout my life, but I will always think of myself as Snuggles.

"Snuggles, would you like to go to the park with me today?"

Of course I did. At that time I was happier, still excited for things. If I had been named Snuggles later in my life by a different little girl, I would have been laughing my fuzzy a*s off on the inside. Sarah made it seem like the best of names.

I really wish I did not go with her to the park that day. Sarah had many friends. A sweet and friendly child like her always does. That day Sarah and her friends were playing by a creek that ran by the park. She was showing me off, telling everyone that I was the best bear a girl could have. Jealousy is common in young children. The "friend" with the red braids and explosion of freckles picked me up when Sarah had her back turned and threw me in the creek to be carried away. I like to think she looked for me. I like to think that she cried. I know I did. On the inside.

That creek eventually brought me to a new "friend". A new owner. I became more weathered - on the inside and out. And as time passed some other series of events brought me somewhere else. Somewhere new. I suppose I'm not important enough to hang on to. No one ever has. I've been on floors, in creeks, in the mouths of dogs, in trash cans, on air planes, and just about any other place you can imagine. It's an endless cycle of discovery and abandonment, Intentional and by sheer accident. I've learned to stop caring. I go with the flow. Sometimes its interesting to see where life takes me. I never know what will happen next.

I am not the beautiful thing that I used to be. I look like I belong on the floor. Soon people will stop picking me up. That's okay. I've lived a long life. Maybe now I can sleep.

© 2015 Patient X

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Patient X
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Added on June 14, 2015
Last Updated on June 14, 2015
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Patient X
Patient X


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