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How Does an Ecommerce Payment Gateway Work and Speed Up Your Ecommerce Sales?

How Does an Ecommerce Payment Gateway Work and Speed Up Your Ecommerce Sales?

A Story by PayTabs

The additional layer of security a person needs to do online shopping transactions can only be provided through a reliable ECommerce Payment Gateway.

The additional layer of security a person needs to do online shopping transactions can only be provided through a reliable ECommerce Payment Gateway. The industry standard encryption on date enables a customer to perform online shopping without any second thoughts.

The Process Of Online Payments Using An ECommerce Payment Gateway

It results in quick online transactions and speedy E-Commerce services. 

A. Entering Financial Information And Encrypting It 

The first step is to receive financial information entered by your customer and encrypt it using industry standard encryption. 

B. Sending The Encrypted Data To The Card Issuers

The encrypted information is sent to the card issuing companies like Visa and Master and then to the individual banks to verify whether the information entered is correct and whether they have funds or credit limit available in their accounts or credit cards. 

C. Verification By The Banks

Once it is verified electronically, the same information is sent back to the card issuer, where payment is processed via the bank server and charges are deducted.

D. Receiving The Information About Confirmation Of Payment Made

 The payment gateway gets instant information when this transaction is completed successfully.   

This information is automatically received at the payment gateway server and sent to the online shopping company. No person is physically involved here, so there's nothing manual in it; everything is automated. 

It results in immediate confirmation that the payment is made and the information is further sent to the store, so that shipping can be initiated in time and the product reaches the customer as soon as possible offering him the best online E-Commerce services. 

Using State Of The Art Technology

State of the art technology is used to conduct financial transactions through encryption of data and to maintain the confidentiality of financial information entered by an individual. 

Speeding Up E-Commerce Activities 

We learn from this fact that the confidence generated through the reliability and security offered by ECommerce Payment Gateway goes a long way in speeding up E-Commerce activities and promoting online shopping as a whole. 

Importance Of Attaching Reliable Payment Gateways To Shopping Carts 

It becomes extremely important for eCommerce companies to attach reliable payment gateways to their shopping carts, so that instant money transfer is possible and the online transactions are conducted smoothly and quickly.

Multiply Your Online Business

The additional layer of security offered by these payment gateways allows e-Commerce vendors to multiply their operations and customers served per day. When you know that the electronic payments are instant and secure, you can focus on other important areas of your E-Commerce operations such as offering a user-friendly web interface and ensuring availability of plethora of products according to the customer choice. 

Industry Standard Encryption For Secure Financial Transactions 

Most of the information provided to payment gateways is transferred using industry standard encryption, which allows them to conduct secure transactions online without risking the confidential financial and banking information of the users. 
Also the security of transactions and the ability to safely order online shopping sitting at home helps a customer take informed decisions and this is one of the major objectives of a successful e-Commerce company.

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