Questions With No Easy Answers

Questions With No Easy Answers

A Poem by Paza


What is the point when enough is enough?
When she sits him down to call his bluff?
Which lie is the lie that is one lie too many?
Has he no conscience, no scruples, not any?
This is the dilemma of the oft betrayed wife
Who for almost thirty years has devoted her life
To a liar and a cheat, praying he’d change,
When all those around her thought her deranged.
So what does she do, and where does she go?
How does she live after enduring the blow?
Money’s a train wreck, emotions are high
But all she can think of is saying good-bye.
She can’t stay with her kids, their lives are their own
She can’t ask them to choose, she’s so all alone.
She loves him as ever, but her years have been full,
Of his lies, his deceit, his pretenses, his bull.
A life full of promise, when she was once young,
A love that seemed true, to which she fervently clung.
Now days ahead are bleak, the shadows prevail
Where did she fall short, just where did she fail?
A life full of loneliness, now that she’s old
Was not what she envisioned, she can’t be consoled.
She finds herself wondering if it’s actually true,
Can one really die when a heart breaks in two?
She prays it will come quickly; she’s too impatient to wait
For Death to whisk her away from this desolate fate.

© 2008 Paza

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this is very sad and frustrating for the woman. there really are no easy answers to her problems. at least she was able to get it all out through poetry. women at this stage in their life really are trapped. especially if it's financial, she has no where to go, but to stick it out with her cheating husband. accept the situation and make the decision to just live with it and sever emotional ties with him. excellent poem. very thorough.

Posted 5 Years Ago

How about publishing your poems? XD

Seriously, you are a good writer, and you need international attention on a large scale.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Its so sad. And those are some tough questions. Great poem! It was really good.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Absolutely breathtaking and sincerly heartbreaking.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I can really feel her. Her anxiety, her sorrow, and her bitter sadness because she was lied to and cheated. I feel like I can relate to her even though I have never been in such a situation before. I think this is one of my favorite poems; you did a wonderful job. Bravo.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Love this poem
Its emotional in a very good way
kepp writing your emotional poem

Posted 8 Years Ago

wow, that was great! it was full of emotion, and you used great word choice and rhyming. good job

Posted 9 Years Ago

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