The Life of a Young Old Man

The Life of a Young Old Man

A Poem by Platus

The reminiscences of a man a when he is young. Followed by the reminiscences of the same person when he is old.


Part I: The Young Man Reminisces


I had a hope for my life that was unspoiled

Then I saw the truth




The waters of my being railed against me

I saw myself for what it was

“A lesser being.”

“Kill it! Kill it!”

“Rescue us from this monster.”

I made a pact to never say anything.

“Please tell me what’s wrong, I want to help.”

I never said anything

“Why don’t you open up, we love you.”

I never told anyone

“You look depressed, what’s the matter?”

I sank into my pit and quivered


I never saw anyone like me

There were others

So the rumour went

But they were like me

And so, not to be trusted

I fell around for a while

Met no one

Told no one

Heard nothing from nobody about anything

And now, when I sit all alone in my little room

Without anything

Without any at all

Is it not my fault,

For being what I am?



Part II: The Old Man Reminisces


I awoke from my sleeping

I saw the world as it saw me

A nothing

A no one

A man getting out of bed

What had I been doing?

When I was a child

(And he was a child)

In this kingdom by the sea

Had I known that the world would ignore me

Had I known that things were entirely meaningless

Things would have been better

I cast myself into doubt

Upon seeing the truth

I shouted




From the highest tower

In the land of tears and misery

And still, nothing happened

Was it that I had to realise

That this was nothing?

Was it that I

Had to


That there was nothing I could do?

Maybe even I


Someone like me

Could be happy

A little happy

Maybe I still can be

Maybe I am

© 2010 Platus

Author's Note

Can you guess what he is talking about?

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Added on April 18, 2010
Last Updated on April 18, 2010