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My thought about love

Love ....That unexplained thing ,
A two edged sword that cuts so deeply yet so Exquisitely
with a passion all of its own .
Love ...That searing pain that scorches our soul with a finality That transcends logic and common sense .
Love ...That excuse to do the unexplainable ,The illogical with a glee that gives rise to hysterically laughing At our own stupidity.
Love ...When we lose our sense of self in a torrent of raw emotion so Powerful that we feel it down to our very DNA.
Love ...That complete and utter abandonment of hope to a god that exists , not in our head but in our hearts.
Love ....That overwhelming thing that surges through our body like a wildfire Consuming everything in its path to split our heart in pieces.
Love .....A very human thing that separates us from the rest of creation but isn’t necessarily useful.

Love ....Such an amazingly rewarding unselfish debilitating Force that only needs one tiny feremone to start an Avalanche of desire inside us that turns us from being logical to jelly .
Whoever thought love was Cupid’s arrow ,heart and flowers Etc has never truly felt that all consuming emotion Where existance is at odds with the loss of that love .
Love ones very soul to someone and saying “ here take my very inner self and destroy me if you want “
Love ....A way of quite efficiently tearing us apart without lifting a finger .

© 2017 Johnspoetry

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Added on December 7, 2017
Last Updated on December 7, 2017



Wales , United Kingdom

I came to poetry quite late in life . I life in Wales and close to the sea so get my inspiration from it sometimes . I generally like poetry to convey a story or an emotion or feeling rather tha.. more..

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A Poem by Johnspoetry