Saturday Journey

Saturday Journey

A Poem by R.G. Johnson





I sip a shattered memory,


Wink an overcooked façade,


And speak neon cartoon bubble lies


To the junk-eyed queen of the moon.




Lavender lips squirm bony masks,


And life is just conceptual noise.


Flicker-flattery feeds the beast


But the appetite endures.




The band bleeds misty dope-sick rays,


A stain-glass misfit reads cool disaster,


I waltz a cosmos of smoke and blur


With the junk-eyed queen of the moon.




Groove and dip the mystic flame.


Frigid sweat rolls goose-bump shores.


Pry the lid from the sleepy box,


And let the cadaver breathe.




Needle-numb and bottle-warm,


She cloaks my pale dysfunction well.


I find distressful comfort’s berth


With the junk-eyed queen of the moon.

© 2009 R.G. Johnson

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175 views not one stinking review. ok and i could see why. its hard to rock out and put it all into poetry everyone can understand. not saying i did. theres some s**t here i was like hm, ok, but it felt a little Led Zepplin to me.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on October 19, 2009


R.G. Johnson
R.G. Johnson

live in the countryside

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