A Poem by Ria Carol

Through the betrayal of a person the poet understand her true value and by doing so she sets herself free... She then finds her real miracle...with whom she stayed with happily ever after!


Tormented I lay awake,
Forsaken, I fall again.
Waiting through the endless dream,
on my own and so it seems.

Ever felt so betrayed?
Where, even the living can't replace!
Virtues for eons to come,
Lost in a moment filled with love.

Never again will I dare,
To ever fall in love again.
Though my promise lays untouched 
He has come...my darling love.

© 2016 Ria Carol

Author's Note

Ria Carol
This is for that one special person who stayed by my side even through the most horrific times of my life and even when I gave up on myself...he never gave up on me and I have no clue why :P

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BEAUTIFUL! The intricacy of the thoughts that this poem is trying to convey is so beautifully knitted that I am struck. Loved it!

Posted 10 Months Ago

I know that person who stayed by your side is in deep love with you, first because of writing (I know that for fact since I fall for this poem) and second ... I don't know ask him :P
(back to the main point) ----> I really liked the poem, but I felt lost at one point, how you can feel so betrayed and In the same time "Lost in a moment filled with love."
isn't love supposed to protect us from all these, betrayal, getting lost ? being forgotten ?

Posted 2 Years Ago

Well looks like tht person sees a part of u thts worth trying fr and waiting fr a part of thts means a lot to him and hope tht one day he will get change someones life even if he is nt there but looks like he will stay.... and a really meaningful poem loved it

Posted 2 Years Ago

Ria Carol

2 Years Ago

Thank you :) You write really thoughtful comments don't you?...:)

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Added on August 10, 2016
Last Updated on August 10, 2016
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Ria Carol
Ria Carol

Bangalore, India

I know Im a lot of work in progress bear with me :) more..

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